Prosecutor General Hopeful’s Attack on Bivol

Ivan Geshev (the only nominee to become Bulgaria’s next Prosecutor General) recently attacked Bivol with blatant insinuations in a blunt demonstration of his biased approach, total lack of professionalism, and his not-so-subtle hints about a possible active measure against our media and our team!

This guy, the one they call the future Prosecutor General, is not hiding his intention to follow the principles of Vishinski’s macabre Stalinist Prosecution. He has already issued political, public and media verdicts. Moreover, he is ready to execute them.

His demonstrative bending to certain corpulent, political and oligarchic interests is the symbol of an obedient puppet of the criminal backstage rule in Bulgaria.

The dreams of attributing to Bivol non-existent actions, ties, responsibilities and guilt are typical of the task and purpose with which Ivan Geshev’s candidacy was put on the table. The man seems to be supposed to repress anyone inconvenient to the Mafia with planted and made-up evidence. This is not the first time.

Dear Geshev, how did you arrive at the conclusion of Bivol’s involvement in the hacker attack on the National Revenue Agency? Why are you making untrue suggestions and statements in the “dazibao” style without even having talked to someone from Bivol and conducting a simple check whether we had anything to do with the “leak” in question; whether we had any idea about it!? Are you aspiring to become the Chief Inquisitor of the captured and criminal state? The media of your “patron” Delyan Peevski are spreading your allegations and slander without hesitation as if they had been just expecting your official statements.

Such a collaboration strongly reeks of an organized crime group (OPG) attempting to eliminate those who expose the real crime and corruption in the country! Meanwhile, we are asking ourselves, not without reason, whether you and your buddies in power have masterminded the leak for the sole purpose of finding a reason to attack Bivol! History knows many such precedents.

Just be careful because we do not live in the times of the Third Reich or the Stalin Concentration Camp, known as the USSR, and Bulgaria is no longer behind the Iron Curtain. Real justice is inevitable!


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