Reporters Without Borders have extended their Christmas video message, which Bivol joins.

Without free and independent journalism, the news would be what you see on it: smiling and happy satraps and enemies of freedom.

Without free and independent journalism everything said in public would be written in advance in the form of “talking points.” 

 Without free and independent journalism the entire public debate would be reduced to fictitious PR dramas like the renaming of the puppy Yorgo, Boyko Borisov’s gift to Putin; the puppy is a “star” in the video of Reporters Without Borders.


Merry and bright holidays, dear readers of Bivol and remember that the most valuable in all of us is the free will bestowed by the Creator; the free will he ensured by sending us his only son Jesus.


Радваме се, че стигнахте дотук. Ако намирате, че статията е интересна и полезна, можете да ни подкрепите, за да продължим да правим независима разследваща журналистика.

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