Volkswagen has paid in 1974 a 120,000 US dollars fine for violating US laws against air pollution after the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found that the automaker has installed in four models of its vehicles produced in 1973 devices that were not certified and filed a claim.

The same law –the Clean Air Act – has been violated in the current scandal as well, (edition of the Washington Post) writes, and the reasons seem suspiciously similar – the vehicles were equipped with a secret device to disable the pollution-control system.

Из публикация на Wall Street Journal от 1974 г. цитирана от Slate

Из публикация на Wall Street Journal от 1974 г. цитирана от Slate is quoting archives of prestigious publications – the New York Times in 1973, the Wall Street Journal, as well as EPA documents.

As early as 1972, Volkswagen has been informed by EPA that that these “defeat devices” included in 1973 models needed to be reported as part of the agency’s certification process. The German automaker reacted only in 1974, after being ordered to pay the fine, but meanwhile it managed to sell 25,000 models equipped with the defeat devices.

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