The Head of Banking Supervision at the Bulgarian Central Bank (Bulgarian National Bank, BNB) Tsvetan Gunev has no access to classified information and it is unclear how he will fulfill his duties in BNB after the Court restored him to work. This means that currently there is no way for banking supervision in the country to function in full.

In June, BNB issued a press release informing that Gunev’s access to classified information has been revoked.

“We emphasize that from the moment BNB was notified of the revocation of Mr. Gunev’s permission to access classified information, his access to such documents has been suspended.”

Gunev’s access to classified information was revoked by the National Security Agency (DANS) on the proposal of the Prosecution.

To date Gunev has no access to classified information and this was confirmed by the press office of the Chief Prosecutor after an inquiry of Bivol.

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