Telenor Keeps Silent about Politicians’ VIP Contracts but Started Hunting other VIP Customers

Ultimatum - either change the plan or we will discontinue your VIP number
Екип на Биволъ

The mobile operator Telenor, which bought Globul, will not reveal who are the politicians and officials that had contracts for special VIP plans with free calls, nor the amount of the used services if they had to be paid. This became clear from Telenor’s response to a request by Bivol, following the site’s revelations about free subscriptions available to those in power.

We also inquired whether second-term Prime Minister Boyko Borisov had signed a contract with GloBul for his free VIP phone with the number 0899 999 999. The Prime Minister admitted earlier that his name is listed in the database of Globul since 2003, but denied ever wanting or using such subscription plan.

Telenor refused information on this subject as well, despite legitimate doubts about corruption favoritism for people in power, practiced by his predecessor Globul.

The operator also said that it will offer to its VIP customers to change their subscription plans. Prior to that, Telenor insisted that they had no legal right to terminate contracts with hundreds of subscribers of “the VIP, no monthly GGFree program”, which includes Borisov, former Prime Minister Sergei Stanishev, and the Head of the Commission for Communications Regulation, Vesselin Bozhkov.

Telenor’s “Proposal”: Change Your Plan or We Will Discontinue Your Phone

Meanwhile, it turned out that there are VIP customers of Globul / Telenor, who are not politicians or senior bureaucrats, but years ago they have been courted by Globul for other reasons. After the publication about the VIP plans, Bivol’s editorial office received phone calls from people complaining that the company is pressuring them to give up their unlimited contracts.

They have received calls from operators who have issued an ultimatum to them to change their subscription plans by December 10, otherwise their phone services will be discontinued.

“I have no reason to give up this plan; I always paid my bills regularly,” one of the VIP customers, who prefers to remain anonymous, told Bivol. He has the same subscription plan “VIP, no monthly, GGFree” with no monthly fees and free calls within the operator’s network, but he pays his calls to other operators under the tariff of 0.39 levs per minute.

The situation seems to be very difficult for Telenor, as the contracts are unlimited and customers have the right to benefit from their terms. As for politicians and senior officials with VIP plans, they probably will not take further advantage from his life-long privilege and will give them up on their own in order to not give grounds to be investigated for abuse of power.



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