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Judge Vesselina Teneva, photo Aneliya Nikolova “Dnevnik”

Judge Vesselina Teneva, of the Supreme Administrative Court (VAS), nominated for Chief Judicial Inspector, has received between 2004 and 2008 four donations from her elderly mother Mariyka: two apartments in Sofia, an apartment in Burgas and a land plot in the Burgas suburb Rosenets, whose value is totaling about 130 000 levs.

Oddly enough, the lady of the respectable age of over 80 invested solid amounts in these properties by buying them from … Teneva herself and her husband Georgi Georgiev.

On January 27, 2004, Mariyka Teneva bought from Vesselina Teneva and Georgi Georgiev an apartment in Sofia with an area of 75 square meters for 48 378.8 levs. Less than a month later, on February 16, she donated it as gift (free of any charge) to her daughter Vesselina Teneva.



The pattern was repeated next year, when on July 20, 2005, granny Mariyka bought from Vesselina and Georgi another apartment with an area of 81 square meters for 43 592.7 levs. The origin of this property is a construction permit that Vesselina and Georgi have purchased from Balkanstroy in 2003, while the amount of the acquisition is not noted in the Registry Agency documents. The real mystery is why the Tenevi family decided to sell the apartment to Mariyka Teneva, but two months later, on September 14, she gave it back to them as gift.




The third purchase-donation is a land plot with an area of 1 300 square meters in the suburb/villa zone Rosenets, appropriated from the State and the municipality of the Black Sea city of Burgas in 2006 for 35 768 levs. The beneficiaries were Maryika Teneva and her two daughters – Vesselina and Fanny Teneva – Naydenova (also a judge at VAS). In her tax declaration from 2007, judge Teneva has declared the acquisition of one third of this land plot for 12 000 levs; Fanny Teneva declared acquiring one third of the property as a gift donation; the remaining 23 768 levs were obviously paid by Mariyka Teneva.


On August 27, 2007, the co-owners agreed to a voluntary division, and on September 4, 2007, Mariyka Teneva, already as the sole owner, donated the entire plot to her daughter Vesselina.



This is not all. On September 5, 2007, 85-year-old Mariyka Teneva purchased from “Domino” LTD an apartment of 85 square meters in the center of Burgas for the amazing for this time price of 17 000 levs. A year later, on September 11, 2008, she donated it to her daughter Vesselina Teneva.



Purchases and Gift Donations as Family Specialty

The purchases-gift donations are an established tradition of the family Tenevi, show property documents of Mariyka Teneva. Back in 2001, she bought from her two granddaughters, born respectively in 1984 and 1986 (daughters of Judge Fanny Teneva – Naydenova, Vesselina Teneva’s sister) an apartment of 87.22 square meters with a garage in Burgas for 53 435 levs. A year later, on July 31, 2002, the grandmother donated the apartment to the older granddaughter. And in 2005, the daughter endowed her mother Fanny Teneva – Naydenova with it. A month later, Fanny Teneva took a loan of 60 000 lev from Raiffeisen bank and mortgaged the same apartment.



Ultimately, VAS judge Vesselina Teneva ended the owner of two apartments in Sofia, an apartment in Burgas and a land plot on the sea coast without neither she nor her husband having resorted to mortgage loans. In 7 years, Mariyka Teneva, born in 1922, spent the following amounts for the properties of her children:

2001: 53 435 levs for an apartment of 87 square meters Burgas – donated to Fannie Teneva – Naydenova

2004: 48 378 levs for an apartment of 75 square meters in Sofia – donated to Vesselina Teneva

2005: 43 592 levs for an apartment 81 square meters in Sofia – donated to Vesselina Teneva

2007: 23 768 levs for a land plot of 1 300 square meters in villa zone Rosenets – donated to Vesselina Teneva

2007: 17 000 levs for an apartment of 85 square meters in Burgas – donated to Vesselina Teneva

Total: 186 173 levs, whose origin remains mysterious, as Mariyka Teneva did not sell other properties with which to finance the purchases from her children.

Judge Vesselina Teneva became known to the public with the exoneration of Ahmed Dogan in the case of him allegedly being involved in conflict of interest for receiving a fee of around 2 million levs as consultant for hydrogeology projects. According to Mediapool, her nomination for the post of Chief Judicial Inspector, endorsed by Dogan’s Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS), has been discussed in advance with other parliamentary represented parties and the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) and the Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (GERB) had no objections. To be elected Chief Judicial Inspector, Teneva needs a majority of two thirds of the votes of the Members of the Parliament.


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