“Testing, testing” Recording Is from Another Legal Case and Has Been Made in Sofia Court

Екип на Биволъ

“I should press two red buttons… Testing, testing,” these two short fragments of a recording, where one can hear now-former judge Rumyana Chenalova utter those words, were published by Trud daily and were presented as evidence of the story told by attorney Mondeshki that Chenalova had been the one recording the conversations from # Yaneva Gate.

Together with other former judge Vladimira Yaneva, Chenalova and Mondeshi had conspired to discredit important people in the country as insurance and Chenalova had recorded the conversations with a tape recorder at home, Mondeshki insists in an interview with Trud. The interview is not accompanied with a picture of Mondeshki and there is no evidence that it has actually taken place.

Indeed, a recording of Chenalova speaking while testing a recorder really exists, but it is from a legal case, known as “Octopus”, and has nothing to do with the recordings from #Yaneva Gate, a check of Bivol has established. In 2012, Chenalova was the judge in the case “Octopus”against the former adviser from the National Security Agency (DANS) Alexey Petrov. At the request of the defense counsel, for several consecutive sessions, recorders have been installed and used in the courtroom of the Sofia City Court (SCC). Moreover, precisely such devices have several red buttons – for the judge, the lawyer of the defendant and the prosecutor. Classic recorders have only one recording button.

The employee of the SCC, in charge of installing the equipment at the time is named Tashko Tashkov (pictured) and was fired after another judiciary scandal. It is logical to assume that he had access to the recordings, including test ones.

Bivol has already proved that the recordings published by Trud have quite different frequency characteristics from the recordings from #Yaneva Gate. There is a strong need now to examine the devices with “two red buttons” and the recordings from the SCC courtroom.

With these new facts, Mondeshk’s story, which lacks any internal logic anyway, becomes seriously flawed. So far, the only proof is his words, and only if they were actually said and properly documented. Against him stands Rumyana Chenalova, claiming that Mondeshki lying and insisting that she has not been the person taping the recordings and had not participated in the scenario to discredit and racketeer people in power.



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