The Interior Ministry Fully Confirms Bivol’s Analysis in the False Document Presented by Bulgaria’s Newest Politician

The prosecution spared him charges for disclosing classified information
Екип на Биволъ

On the picture Nikolay Barekov is pouring champagne on himself in a resort for millionaires in the company of operatively interesting individuals investigated for drug trafficking.

In July, wannabe journalist-politician Nikolay Barekov, who now declared support for a government of the centrist party Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (GERB) caused a brawl. He brandished documents that, he said, proved that GERB’s leader Boyko Borisov has committed serious criminal offenses in the past. Barekov accused Borisov of the most serious crimes under the Penal Code, mentioning even murders.

“The agony of Boyko Borisov has already begun. The person known as agent “Toady” and agent “Buddha” will be finished in no more than a month. By the end of the week, the original documents and certified copies proving his crimes will be submitted to the Chief Prosecutor.”

Barekov published on his site two pages of a file marked “Top Secret”, from 15 years ago, which propagates the name Boyko Borisov as the new super boss of cocaine trafficking. Later he gave other documents to the prosecution.

Then, only Bivol made a detailed analysis of the published documents and announced that they were fakes. Later, the prosecution, which sent a special commission to examine the documents in the archives of the Ministry of Interior in Burgas, did the same.

Bivola got the full text of the prosecutor’s decision to terminate the investigation. It shows that there is evidence that all the hypotheses of making false documents have been confirmed by the expert committee of the Ministry. Those who have created the fake documents have used real documents of the Interior Ministry – a summary prepared by a real agent 15213 from the Regional Unit for Combatting Organized Crime in Burgas, and a report of a real informant codenamed agent “Plamen”, but their contents were replaced.

Barekov ‘s fabricated documents were quickly forgotten, unlike the real “Buddha” file and the authentic American secret cables accusing Borisov of actual shady deeds, which are regularly cited by prestigious international media. However, we think this case has been undeservedly forgotten and the prosecution spared Barekov a specific charge for disclosing a secret informant.

When he was brandishing the fakes, Barekov explained before media that he had studied the authenticity of documents through his sources. He said the initials of agent “Plamen” were D.P. and that the agent was “alive and well and hoped to soon testify before the prosecution.” Former senior cops / snitches Nikolay Radulov and Toncho Mihailov crawled out of their holes and supported Barekov, declaring the fake authentic.

The mention by Barekov of the agent’s personal data, such as his initials D.P., actually exposes the latter and poses a direct and very high real risk for his life and that of his family. It remains unclear why the prosecution closed their eyes to this fact and did not charge the fledgling Member of the European Parliament.



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