After the report of Nova TV on ongoing construction near Lozenets on the Black Sea coast which is banned in the summer season in, Mayor George Lapchev fined the violators with 2,000 levs on grounds they were doing finishing touches.

However, last Saturday SKAT TV broadcast a report showing how a truck is pouring concrete at the same site and activities that do not fit the definition of “finishing works” are being carried out.

Furthermore, the fine of 1,000 levs is applied to private individuals, not to legal entities for which tenfold larger fines are provided by law for the same violations.

The permit for the construction of this facility (№53 / April 7, 2014) is issued for 14 villas with a total area of 2423.28 square meters to contractor companies SOUTH INVEST GROUP and QUEEN PROPERTIES LTD. QUEEN PROPERTIES is the owner of the land of nearly five decares, bought by another company in 2013 for 146,687.25 levs.

Article 15 the Territorial Development of the Black Sea Coast Act prohibits construction works at national resorts along the Black Sea coast from May 15 to October 1. Furthermore, according to Article 23, fines for legal entities for violation of Article 15 range from 10,000 to 50,000 levs, unless they are subject to a more severe punishment.

Lapchev, however, has imposed the minimum fine provided for private individuals. Thus, he had defrauded the State, but benefited the local leader of the ruling Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria party (GERB) Angel Tsigularov and the municipal councilor from GERB Georgi Atanasov, who are owners of the company QUEEN PROPERTIES.

Two years ago, the same company began building the camping site “Arapya”. Then an investigation of Dnevnik revealed that one of the owners, Georgi Atanasov (GERB), is a member of the standing committee “Territorial Development, Property Management and Ecology” at the Municipal Council. He, however, denied being in conflict of interest in obtaining construction documents.



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