The press office of President Rosen Plevneliev cited him saying in an interview for the online media of the Council of Europe that Bulgaria is home to many different religions living in peace and harmony and to this day there was no evidence of any foreign terrorist of Bulgarian origin. He added that he attributed this to the tolerance of Bulgarians, who can set an example for the whole of Europe.

This claim however, is contradicted by a secret US diplomatic cable to the State Department, leaked in Wikileaks, and published for the first time by Bivol. The cable is titled “Islam and Islamic Extremism in Bulgaria” and has the highest level of classification among publicly known US diplomatic documents – Secret Not for foreigners (S / NF). Only top secret NSA documents, leaked by Edward Snowden, have a higher level.

A Bulgarian Pomak, Toni Radev (AKA Milenov) is known to have participated in the 3/11 (2004) terrorist attacks in Madrid, Ambassador John Beyrle wrote in 2006.

The cable does not provide more details, but the fact that it specifically mentions the name of a Bulgarian citizen in connection with one of the bloodiest attacks in the history of mankind (191 victims, 1,800 injured) indicates the presence of such evidence.

Bulgaria’s President is the Head of the National Intelligence Service (NIS), which is supposed to report to him the existence of such evidence in order to prevent his public statements from appearing boisterously ridiculous. Moreover, four Bulgarian citizens were killed in the bombings in Madrid. We recommend in good faith to the President to conduct internal exams on Wikileaks cables, which should be read in their original language and learned by heart by all working in the analytical department of NIS.

It is high time for all Bulgarian “spies” who cannot read anything in another language, unless it is in Russian, to seek employment in the private sector.



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