Who Is Afraid of the Skeletons in the Safety Vault of Tsvetan Vasilev?

Bivol showed documents and Swiss accounts and everyone went silent

“This is the culmination of the transition period, discrediting the entire political class. He, Vasilev, knows everything about everyone…,” this is how Bulgarian media enthusiastically reported and commented on the statements of the banker from Belgrade that he has deposited with two notaries public documents about what he knows -enthusiasm that evaporates into thin air when someone publishes real data “from the safety vault”; enthusiasm that is followed by omerta and silence.

Three weeks ago Bivol published documents that show step-by-step the mechanism for corruption and buying public influence of “the darling bank of the power”. The personal secretary of Tsvetan Vasilev registered offshore companies for Dr. Konstantin Trenchev and Dimitar Varbanov from the trade union Confederation of Labor “Podkrepa”. The British bank RBS Coutts, which opened the Swiss accounts of the companies, was the mediator. Then, from the Swiss account of the company “EFV Financial International Ventures”, 800,000 and 900,000 euro were transferred in the accounts of the trade unionists. This is the company that stands behind all the juicy assets of Tsvetan Vasilev which he sold to Pierre Louvrier for one euro.

Bivol , including bank account numbers of the offshore companies of Trenchev and Varbanov. This was not followed by a rebuttal. Trenchev even confessed half-heartedly, but hid behind the secrecy of the investigation. Just count the national and broadcast mainstream media that covered this scandal – zero. However, this involves a criminal scheme for trading in influence and money laundering. Schemes and documents, such as those that we published, have been seized by the prosecution and in them there are dozens of politicians, sociologists, political scientists, media owners, editors, journalists… most of them “subscribers” to TV screen that irradiate their territory with “talking points” on a daily basis. That is why they keep silent when the curtain is really lifted. But they buzz around the empty words that came from Belgrade.

The prosecution is also keeping silent. Sources of Bivol, close to the investigation, claim that Trenchev and Varbanov have been questioned several times and have confessed about the offshore companies. Where are the legal charges then?

The British Ambassador, otherwise very sociable when it comes to advice on democratic issues, is silent as well. RCS Coutts Bank is British and has to be investigated for the same reasons as those for the investigation in HSBC over the SwissLeaks affair. It organized offshore companies, registered accounts and profited from this dirty business.

And why speak when no one is asking them? The topic is marked as taboo. Prudently retired, the Honorary Chairman of the trade union – Dr. Trenchev – is riding around in an SUV provided by “Ken Trade” – one of the emblematic companies of Tsvetan Vasilev. His “lieutenants” continue to collect a “leaving you alone” fee by employers. This is a fee from which millions are deducted every year for the patrons with DS-epaulets (Communist secret services – the State Security, DS – editor’s note), but something has remained for the offshore accounts as well.

Accounts, Ladies and Gentlemen, the accounts in Switzerland, from which media, the prosecution and the National Revenue Agency are running scared, while those exposed go into hiding. Amen. Or Inch Allah.



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