Who Is Sabotaging Removal of Concrete from Dunes?

According to Minister Lilyana Pavlova, the orders for dismantling the concrete from the camping site “South” on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast were issued on July 21 and 22, but they have been actually written on August 4. It turns out that the five-story hotel "Seahorse" is illegal.

The Regional State National Construction Control (RDNCC) in Burgas needed two weeks to produce the orders to cancel the construction permits for camping “South,” announced by the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Lilyana Pavlova on July 21 and 22, 2015. There were no such orders in the online registry of the State National Construction Control (NSCC) by August 4. They were not entered in RDNCC – Southeastern Region (SER) on July 21 and 22, but on August 4, 2015, and the text of the orders was written and sent from Sofia, Bivol learned from a reliable source from the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works (MRDPW), wishing to remain anonymous.

“The Burgas Regional Prosecutor’s Office has filed protests with the Head of RDNCC-SER requesting the annulment of a total of four building permits under an investment proposal as follows: “Construction of hotel complex “Azure Sea” on land plots in the site “Karaagach”, village of Lozenets, Tsarevo municipality /camping South/ after they were canceled by the head of RDNCC-SER,” is written in the press release of MRDPW from July 24.

But the fact is that to date the Head of RDNCC-SER has not signed such orders, despite the official announcement. He is the only authorized person that can issue these orders.

After the announcement of Minister Pavlova, people in RDNCC – Burgas have just fallen in stupor. The same persons, who have approved the construction permits issued by the Mayor of Tsarevo, as required by law, must now “seal the certificates” for their own incompetence and probably ill intentions, by revoking them.

A five-story hotel built on the dunes of camping “South” must be also demolished?

The scandal could end up being much bigger and important for the fate of many facilities on the sea coast. According to information obtained by Bivol, there are four orders that cancel construction permits for hotel complex “Azure Sea”. The complex includes the already built and functioning hotel “Seahorse” with a 25-meter pool (see photos).

Хотел "Морско Конче" изграден върху дюните.

Хотел “Морско Конче” изграден върху дюните.

The hotel was built by the company “Favorite” which poured concrete on the dunes in the spring and caused another “Dunes Gate” scandal, followed by cancellation of construction permits that were renewed by the Mayor of Tsarevo Georgi Lapchev. An investigation of Bivol then showed that the company was in partnership with corpulent former snitches from the Communist State Security as well as with drug lord Evelin Banev AKA Brendo in the neighboring camping site “Oasis”. It has built hotels there as well.

There is no explanation how in 2004 RDNCC has allowed the construction and the operation of a huge hotel on the dunes where construction works have always been prohibited. There are doubts that there was a replacement of the cadastral boundaries of the dunes. The fact is that the new digital maps of dunes, created after the scandal “Dunes Gate 1” (caused by publications Bivol), have not yet been published. The absence of these maps or their publication only in graphic form actually creates opportunities to conceal offenses and commit new ones.

Bivol sent questions to the press office of the MRDPW and they promised to check the issuing of the orders. We asked to have the outgoing numbers and the text of the documents that were reported to have been signed on July 21 and July 22. No response was received by the editorial closure of the article. Attempts to contact Lilyana Pavlova were fruitless.

The orders of RDNCC to revoke construction permits for camping “South” are key because de facto the law will be applied for the very first time for already legalized construction on the dunes. It opens the way for the demolition of thugs’ hotels and other buildings in and around Sunny Beach and all over the Black Sea coast. This will be possible if the orders of RDNCC stand in Court and with the establishment of an administrative practice of attacking and removing construction on dunes regardless of when it was made and whether it was legitimized. The mystery surrounding the dates of issuing these orders raises serious concerns about conflict of interests of employees in construction supervision and in the legal quality of the orders themselves which will surely be appealed. We shall see whether this is demagogy or real adherence to the law.

Updated on August 5, 2015: In an interview for Nova TV Minister Pavlova confirmed Bivol’s information about the illegal hotel: “The hotel has to be demolished, along with the restaurant and the pool built on camping “South” although there are tourists there. They were built in breach of the laws,” she said. Bivol asked again the press office of MRDPW to provide the original orders to subject them to a competent expert and legal analysis.


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