Everyone is asking one question: “Who suggested Delyan Peevski for Chief of Bulgaria’s National Security Agency, DANS. It doesn’t matter that much. The real question is: Who proposed in 2001, the 2nd-year college student Peevski for Chairman of the Managing Board of the Varna Port, and his mother Irena Krasteva for Head the National Lottery !?

Hey, this is a true communist-style career rise – no experience, no education or previous training in the management of these strategic state institutions!!!!! This is actually the beginning of the phenomenon PEEVSKI, while him heading DANS is just one of the final stages. We should have cried bloody murder then, in 2001, when absolutely incompetent and random mafia puppets were promoted from the streets to the highest levels of the rule of the State.

Buddha – for Chief Secretary of the Interior, college dropout Delyan Peevski – for Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of Transport and Communications and Chairman of the Managing Board of Varna Port, Irena Krasteva – Head of the National Lottery , which is the State-owned gambling, where billions are laundered and siphoned behind a legitimate façade.

If we take a close look at these appointments, people like Gen Brigo Asparuhov will pop up; he admitted publicly that he had personally recommended Borisov for the highest public office.

Vassil Ivanov AKA Luciano also pops up – without college education he was appointed by Simeon Saxe-Goburg for Minister of Sports, and then they had to tailor the law specifically for him – the so-called “Luciano amendment” that allows people without college degrees to become ministers and manage the State.

Peevski was appointed by Minister Plamen Petrov – yes, the same one from the group picture on the yacht in Monaco with ministers and mobsters “together.” The yuppie Petrov was propelled in the government of Bulgaria without one day of service, as were his colleagues Milen Velchev and Nikolay Vassilev – the masterminds and the perpetrators of the subsequent rout and total plundering.

Behind all these “heroes” stands the dummy known as Simeon Saxe-Coburg, who, himself, was controlled by the Communist State Security, DS, throughout his entire expatriate life since he was a toddler. And he was brought to Bulgaria in 2001 by former cops – generals and colonels from DS to conduct the policy of major transformation of the national resource to property of the communist oligarchs and their cronies.

The disappearance of the so-called “File Rumyantsev” is actually the obliteration of traces that reveal who is really behind this entire sinister project! Does this make the answer to the question WHO suggested Peevski for DANS Chief clearer now? WHO turned our dearest and only homeland Bulgaria, together with all of us, its citizens, into their personal property? WHO plundered our land; gave away the economy to “circles of companies;” privatized banks and robbed the savings of the people? WHO monopolized media, the information space; WHO destroyed culture; massacred the army; corrupted the judiciary and the Interior Ministry? WHO occupied Bulgarian politics and are not allowing any new faces in it, except for cronies of the organized crime groups of the status quo?

WHO totally manipulates public opinion and issues verdicts against each inconvenient and free voice? WHO is felling Bulgarian forests and turning them into billions in profits by exporting our precious natural resources to Turkey and Greece. WHO is irreparably damaging our national parks, bluntly trampling laws and rules in order to develop their cartel business? WHO, literally, shitted the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast and transformed it into an ugly concrete ghetto, now visited only by Europe’s lowlife, coming here to roll in misery? WHO is totally neglecting the Bulgarian Diaspora; is consciously “gypsy-ing” and depopulating entire regions of the country? WHO is creating this unbearable and hopeless environment for young Bulgarians in their own homeland and is forcing them to use the only exit they have left – Terminal 2? WHO reduced our population by 2 million in 20 years, imposing on us the prospective of being contemporaries of the disappearance of the Bulgarian nation?

Etc. etc…all these questions are further connected with others such as: WHO turned DS agent SAVA (Ahmed Dogan) into a top strategic politician and ruler of the country? WHO turned croupier Dancho The Fraud, (Yordan Tsonev) into a ruling political “gauleiter” and head of the parliamentary budget committee? What about the chameleon Hristo Bisserov? Who made “Russian” Stanishev leader of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP, formerly Bulgarian Communist Party) and subsequently Prime Minister of Bulgaria with no job experience and no competence to head the state? Who pushed the clown Volen Siderov into the role of authentic Bulgarian nationalist and patriot to replace all true national ideals and priorities? Who replaced the original right-wing political idea with political servitude and collaborationism with Bolshevik mafia?

SO – WHO, WHO, WHO, WHO ………WHO? Us, it was us, who created them, empowered them and legitimized all these freaks. We are actually the ones to give power and authority to this multi-headed political freak, who for decades, invariably and consistently kills our nation, our State, our destinies and every one of us individually! Are we going to quit? Or it is too late? For me personally, there is only one road.

Asen Yordanov Facebook October 5, 2013


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