“Yaneva Gate”: Everything from Season 1

To the attention of the SJC and the embassies - full transcripts in Bulgarian and English
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Vladimira Yaneva – VYA

Judge Roumyana Chenalova – RCH

Man (male voice) – M

0:00:04 VYA: Last week, on Thursday, Boyko (presumably Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov) at the Council of Ministers, summoned Hristo Ivanov (Bulgarian Justice Minister). And he had said: “Go there and deal with these judges’ permits to use special surveillance devices (SSD). And find out if there have been any violations and raise the issue before the Supreme Judicial Council, SJC. This happened on Wednesday at a meeting of the Council of Ministers. On Wednesday evening, he met with the Chief Prosecutor. And he told him to finish me.

0:00:56 RCH: Boyko did this?

0:00:59 VYA: Boyko. I’ll tell you later what I know and from whom; I am first telling you the sequence of facts. So on Wednesday, at the Council of Ministers…

0:01:08 RCH: Come down here immediately! (Talking to a dog…)

0:01:09 VYA: Prior to that Boyko Rashkov (Director of the Bulgarian National Bureau for SSD Control) has been in his office and has brought him the report. And he has examined it. So on Wednesday, at the Council of Ministers, he has told this to the Minister. “See into these judges’ decisions and raise the issue before the Council.

0:01:25 VYA: On Wednesday evening, he met with the Chief Prosecutor and told him to finish me.

0:01:30 VYA: On Thursday, the Justice Minister raised the issue and Boyko Rashkov also arrived there.

0:01:39 VYA: And the Justice Minister said that he had invited him to the SJC meeting. However, he lets the following slip: “We met yesterday.”

0:01:46 VYA: So, Boyko Rashkov and the Justice Minister met on Wednesday.

0:01:52 RCH: Yes.

0:01:54 VYA: On Thursday, the Council listened and said: This report has not been declassified.

0:02:02 RCH: Yes.

0:02:03 VYA: We have no access to classified information. We cannot read it, and what stand can we take on it?

0:02:12 RCH: Yes.

0:02:13 VYA: Boyko Rashkov became furious, saying that the Council did not pay attention to him and stormed out.

0:02:18 VYA: The Minister also became furious. But nothing happened. Boyko Borisov left on a trip to Belgium, to Brussels.

0:02:32 VYA: He arrived in Brussels. And before Bulgarian journalists in Brussels he says this: “This judge Vladimira Yaneva, 400 years and so on; why have you granted permissions, 300 days, what are these dealings, and so and so on.

0:02:51 VYA: The press attaché came and told me: “A reliable source from the Legal World magazine leaked the information to me that you will be indicted, charged and the prosecution will ask for your dismissal.

0:03:07 VYA: I am running on Friday to Itso Dimov* (most likely Hristo Dinev – President of the Sofia City Prosecutor’s Office) And I tell him: “Itso-o-o, the file is with you. Tell me what is the situation?

0:03:18 VYA: Itso Dimov says: “Vladi (Vladimira), there is no such information and we are not working in this direction. Only, please give us the information we want.

0:03:22 VYA: Cuz there was a dispute as they wanted the register for six months, and I told them: “Ask the register only for the SSD that interest you, why are you asking for the entire register?”

0:03:32 VYA: And I say: “I am nervous to give it to you, because there are thing in it about embassies, about this and that, and so on, such information…”

0:03:38 VYA: But they said, no, send it for the six months and he says: “Send me information that I want from you.”

0:03:45 VYA: So, I, uh, I called the Chief Prosecutor, and I met with the Chief Prosecutor. He reacted immediately, said to come in 10 minutes.

0:04:00 VYA: With the Prosecutor we commented on the following point. He says: “What’s your opinion?” I tell him: “Look now.”

0:04:08 VYA: And I start telling him these things one by one.

0:04:12 VYA: First I told him that I think that there is no problem with the duration cuz these are separate requests, there is a break, it is stopped, and a new term begins. There is no requirement in the law to have a term of 180 days for a “subject”.

0:04:23 VYA: In one operational case or within one year, this requirement only pertains to persons; there is no single online register; the subject has no legal definition; therefore the one who issues the permit can decide using their own discretion. And the methods to be applied are not included in the grounds for the request, which means that the applicant decides what methods to use.

0:04:44 VYA: And I told him all the arguments.

0:04:48 VYA: He said: “Okay. Keep in mind, if necessary, we might question you as witness or your employee for information security”, and he said all these things.

0:04:55 VYA: But, he said: “Keep in mind that Boyko called me, and told me to finish you. And I told him that I did not want to deal with crap. I do not want to make populist moves.”

0:05:06 VYA: And I will try to mask things, so if there is any violation, it will look like you have been misled.

0:05:13 VYA: As once, he said, (former prosecutor) Roman Vasilev, if you remember, has misled him with some SSD.

0:05:20 RCH: Ah, when he signed in Plovdiv.

0:05:24 VYA: So, I leave quite unperturbed. So far so good

0:05:27 VYA: Then the Judges Union jumps in my favor against Boyko; then the SJC writes a declaration.

0:05:34 VYA: Then Boyko, himself, softens and says: “I meant that everyone must take their own responsibility.”

0:05:44 VYA: Although I know her personally, she must take her own responsibility. This is his second statement.

0:05:48 VYA: At the same time, being in this whole drama, I go crazy.

0:05:53 VYA: And I sent Boyko one text message. And I write him this. So, he is in Brussels. This happened on Thursday.

0:06:00 VYA: No, I’m sorry; I have not violated the law. In addition, in four years I signed over 15,000 permits to use SSDs. Something that is absolutely true as these are the numbers – 5,000 a year.

0:06:17 VYA: Only three minutes later, Mitko (Dimitar) Uzunov calls me. You got Viber? I say, I have Viber.

0:06:24 VYA: You know, Dimitar Uzunov is his man in the Council (SJC), with whom he communicates and he tells him everything.

0:06:30 VYA: Only three minutes later, Mitko calls me on the Viber and tells me: “The man from Brussels just called and said not to worry, he made that statement only for the media, for the 400 years that is. You should not think too much about it and you should not worry.”

0:06:47 VYA: Another 10-15 minutes pass and I open my Viber and see the following message from an unknown number: “The wind is very strong here. Weather people say the weather will be fine. Let’s not forget that Sandanski is the warmest town. If Mitko says so, we can go for a walk in the park.”

0:07:12 VYA: It couldn’t be from anyone else. As already… And I spoke with Mitko 10 minutes earlier. And also the wind is strong here and so on. They call from elsewhere. And he talks about Mitko

0:07:26 VYA: I calm down completely. Milka calls me and tells me not to worry; Mitko called me and told me that he had spoken with you know who.

0:07:34 VYA: And that everything was fine and there will be no problems.

0:07:38 VYA: Yasen Todorov (Chair of the Ethics Commission at SJC) calls me on Tuesday and says: “Vladi, we need to meet.”

0:07:41 VYA: And Yassen and I meet. Yassen said: “Boyko sent me one of his closest people to tell me not to touch you in any way. So far, so good.

0:07:52 VYA: And, last night, the Chief Prosecutor calls. I learn that there was some meeting of the Council, which was the day before yesterday.

0:08:05 VYA: At that meeting, the Chief Prosecutor told them this thing. However, he told them to keep quiet, not to say that they should vote on my suspension.

0:08:15 VYA: They were a small group. I cannot tell you how many people. But for example those who are my most loyal people – Svetla Petkova, Maria Kuzmanova – have not been invited.

0:08:29 VYA: Milka Itova was there, however, she was told that if she would just open her mouth, things will become scary.

0:08:35 VYA: And they commented that my removal was asked and that they need to remove me.

0:08:44 VYA: They called Joro Kolev (Georgi Kolev – Chair of the Supreme Administrative Council) at 6 pm and told him that there was such meeting and he had said: “Well right, you thought of telling me this just now? In the sense that it was already 6 pm, where should I go at this point? You should have told me earlier, when you decided.”

0:09:01 VYA: And last night, it was maybe 7-8 pm, the Chief Prosecutor called me, it was from his office number, thus he had not left work yet and I said: “I want you to hear it from me”, but at the same time Milka Itova was meeting one of our common friends, that woman Tedi Drenska.

0:09:24 VYA: And she told Tedi Drenska: “I am very worried; I do not know what to do. Sotir (Chief Prosecutor Sotir Tsatsarov) said he is launching proceedings against her and wants her removal.

0:09:34 VYA: And of course she calls me shouting: “Vladi, I could not keep quiet and not tell you.” And she came to me and told me, and I was already prepared.

0:09:42 VYA: At the same time Joro Kolev called me in the morning and told me: “The Prosecutor said that if Boyko continued to pressure him, he would not withstand the pressure; he will launch proceedings against you to ask your suspension.”

0:09:54 VYA: And in evening now Sotir calls me around 7 or 8 pm and tells me: “I want you to learn it from me. Tomorrow I will file with the Council that it was initiated… No, proceedings have been initiated against you and tomorrow we will file the suspension request with the Council.”

0:10:14 VYA: But what happens today? What happened today is that they were at each other’s throats savagely. They decided that they should hear me, a procedure that does not exist anywhere under the sun. There was a swarm inside.

0:10:32 VYA: Joro Kolev calls me and says: “Here, the people do not want to suspend you. However, he says, I am very worried. Because the Chief Prosecutor says that if we do not suspend you, he will indict you.”

0:10:47 VALYA: And then now, you know, by law, they will be required to suspend me. Because 230 from the Judiciary Act says (if you’re indicted, it is imperative), if proceedings are initiated against you – there could be suspension, paragraph 2, and paragraph 1 if you’re indicted – suspension just follows.

0:11:05 VYA: And he says: “I do not know whether it is better to suspend you. And I said, Joro, act as you deem necessary, conspire with the people; it is better to suspend me. I just want this thing to be over.

0:11:15 VYA: And even, if they do not suspend me, I will write my resignation tomorrow morning and submit it.

0:11:25 RCH: Well, why, I do not understand this, how can he write you and send your signals and…

0:11:32 VYA: I do not know … I cannot tell you, I do not know.

0:11:47 RCH: Well, what is his motive to be so brutally inclined?

0:11:52 VYA: Who, Boyko?

0:11:53 RF: Yes.

0:11:55 VYA: One reason is because of Tsvetan (most likely the Interior Minister at the time – Tsvetan Tsvetanov).

0:12:01 RCH: A, yes, you told me.

0:12:10 RCH: Well, but there are possible and impossible things.

0:12:25 VYA: I think I have functional immunity.

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0:00:00 VYA: Because Joro called me and said they probably will not be able to collect enough votes to suspend me.

0:00:07 VYA: As he told me: “It is better to suspend you. Because you know what the law is? When proceedings against you are initiated, they can suspend you at their discretion.”

0:00:20 VYA: But when you’re indicted, you should be suspended. That is imperative.

0:00:28 VYA: Now, if they do not suspend me today, he will indict me. That is even worse. 0:00:38 VYA: So it is better to suspend me.

0:00:44 M: Tsetso (Tsvetanov) pressured tremendously.

0:00:47 VYA: 100%

0:00:49 M: He went crazy. VYA: 100% M: He went crazy!

0:00:54 RCH: Do you want wine?

0:00:55 VYA: Boyko pressured savagely the Chief Prosecutor. He literally drove him crazy.

0:00:59 VYA: He called me last night and told me: “This is the least that I could do in this whole situation.”

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0:00:00 VYA: I cannot understand, however, why is he acting like this; this is what I cannot understand.

0:00:06 VYA: Why did he ask Mitko to call me. And did I tell you that he sent someone to Yassen as well?

0:00:11 RCH: Yes

0:00:12 VYA: That I cannot understand – why is he doing this?

0:00:20 VYA: To me that is inexplicable.

0:00:25 (RCH: Maybe the Chief Prosecutor…?) VYA: Sending to me the two most important people in the Council?

0:00:28 VYA: The two people who hold the Council and the lobbies are around them – Mitko and Yassen.

0:00:32 VYA: The two sleekest people in the Council that can deal with any situation. And he sends them.

0:00:40 RCH: Could this be a game of the Chief Prosecutor?

0:00:44 RF: Do you know if Boyko really pressured him?

0:00:48 VYA: But I asked the Chief Prosecutor. And I told him: “Do I need to go talk to Boyko”? And he said: “It is up to you to decide”. RF: Well, he cannot tell you: “Do not go”.

0:00:57 VYA: Yes, but he knows that we know each other and we know each other personally very well. And if I ask him: “What’s up”? And if he said: “I have nothing to do with it; this is only the Chief Prosecutor.”

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0:00:01 VYA: That is debatable.

0:00:04 M: So the one who was on Friday was not Boreto Sarafov (Borislav Sarafov – Deputy Chief Prosecutor), but Boyko Rashkov, I confused the names.

0:00:07 M: Boyko Rashkov will submit it on Monday.

0:00:11 RCH: Where will he submit it? In Brussels?

0:00:14 M: Cuz they offered me if I wanted to look at it and for us to decide what not to submit and what to submit? M?

0:00:25 VYA: Do you think that they will honor their commitment?

0:00:28 M: The only thing they asked me was the withdrawal of the one in the case of Ivo Datchev.

0:00:35 RCH: You know something is very murky for me. So first, Boyko sends you these people and so on.

0:00:45 RCH: Then the Chief Prosecutor tells you that there is no problem.

0:00:47 RCH: Deliyan talked to both of them. And suddenly this sensation pops up.

0:00:53 RCH: Who is this person who may tip the scale in such manner, do you know?

0:00:58 VYA: Well, the Chief Prosecutor at our meeting on Friday told me that on Wednesday…

0:01:03 M: That it was uncontrollable. 0:01:06 VYA: Boyko summoned him and told him to finish me.

0:01:11 VYA: This is what the Chief Prosecutor told me.

0:01:17 VYA: Then, another thing, he tells Joro Kolev: “If the pressure from Boyko becomes very strong, I will have no other choice, but to institute proceedings against her and ask for her suspension.”

0:01:29 VYA: You know very well that Joro and Boyko know each other and that Joro can always ask Boyko.

0:01:35 VYA: With this difference, however, Joro called Boyko, Boyko did not answer the phone.

0:01:40 M: Beauty. VYA: Joro says: “I called him several times; he did not pick up.”


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