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Pavel Marinov (center) accompanies Socialist leader Sergey Stanishev and former Prime Minister Plamen Oresharski during a visit to Burgas, photo Pavel Marinov, personal blog.

The controversial Regional Governor of Burgas and activist of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), Pavel Marinov, got to keep his job again despite the latest wave of change of governors by the caretaker government of Prime Minister Georgi Bliznashki.

“I hope these are the last governors we change,” Prof Blizhnashi said after a meeting of the Council of Ministers.

Formally Marinov was the only governor appointed by Plamen Oreshraski, PM in the previous Socialist-endorsed government, who was incompatible with his post. This was proven with documents by Bivol as early as August 2013. Pavel Marinov is the owner and manager of offshore companies that he failed to declare. Therefore, the Council of Ministers is required to remove him from office as under the Administration Act (Art. 19, paragraph 6) governors are representatives of the executive power and are not allowed to “carry on business and trade activities or to be managers, sales representatives, procurators, brokers, liquidators or proxies.

Furthermore Marinov’s “CV” includes…

document fraud

because he filed false documents with the Trade Registry on behalf of a long-deleted company in the UK.

The most recent disclosure of Bivol involves document fraud and Burgas’ District Prosecutor’s Office has initiated preliminary legal proceedings against the “Guilty Party for an offense under article 313, paragraph 1 of the Penal Code” on April 29, 2014 (decree 1276/2014 on the docket of Burgas’ District Prosecutor’s Office).

On July 1, the deadline was extended by four months because of the factual and legal complexity of the investigation, announced for Bivol the spokesperson of Burgas’ District Prosecutor’s Office. The case was assigned to the Investigation (at the Unit for Combating Organized Crime). A request was made to the UK within the international legal assistance frame to obtain documents from the British Trade Registry.

Another “exploit” of Marinov, from the last days in office of the Cabinet “Oreshraski”, is the nationalization of 42 decares of land in the Sunny Beach resort, in violation of several laws. The case was also handed over to the Prosecution.

…and partnership with the Head of the Russian Space Wars

This is not all. Bivol also revealed the scandalous fact that Marinov is a partner with Sergei Boev appointed personally by Putin as Head of the Russian Space Wars program.

The revelation is embarrassing for our national security and our Euro-Atlantic partners*. The matter here involves a representative of the State who has access to confidential information about infrastructure and emergency evacuation plans.

Removal from office of people from the former Communist State Security (DS) – “Mission Impossible”?

The logical conclusion from all available evidence is that such a “valuable functionary” as Marinov, trained by DS in their school in Sofia’s suburb of Simeonovo (First Department, “Georgi Dimitrov” Institute) and confidante of Russians in Burgas, cannot be dismissed just like that. Marinov’s removal in the context of Russian pressure for the construction of the South Stream gas pipeline, for which Burgas port is key, looks like “Mission Impossible”. The recent appointment of another DS collaborator, Argir Boyadziev, as Head of the Port of Burgas confirms this thesis.

Bivol urges Prime Minister Georgi Bliznashki to take a clear stand on the Communist State Security and to remove its key staff from positions of power. At least, he is mandated to remove the Governor of Burgas under the Administration Act. The PM also owes to the public an explanation of WHO pressured him to keep Marinov, despite the scandalous incompatibility, the legal proceedings and the relationship with the Russian services

* All data and publications of Bivol about Pavel Marinov will be provided to the embassies of partner EU and NATO countries.


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