The pledge of President Rosen Plevneliev from August 1 for full transparency of the caretaker government is under question only two weeks later.

It turned out that Prime Minister Georgi Bliznashki and four ministers have refused to publish on the President’s site information from their declarations of conflict of interest and they were initially uploaded with deleted data.
The online media Dnevnik writes that the five “have benefited from an opinion of the Commission for Personal Data Protection from 2009, according to which public officials may request under the Conflict of Interest Act that their declaration is not published.” Later, however, the declarations were uploaded without deletions.

Citing the Constitution, which has direct effect and mandates the right to seek and disseminate information, Bivol publishes the available in the Daxi Registry information about participation in holdings, companies and associations of Georgi Bliznashki, Rumyana Kolarova Daniel Mitov, Miroslav Nenkov and Nikolina Panayotova.

The last four digits of the social security numbers – the only personal identifier that is undisputedly subject to protection from being made public information (but only for persons who are not holding high public office) – have been deleted.







За да увеличите картинките кликнете с десния бутон и я отворете в нов прозорец.

The Prime Minister is also a consultant?

Later Thursday, the same declarations were uploaded without deleted data (the previous declarations were not removed). According to the Prime Minister Bliznashki’s declaration, he only participates in the management of associations.
The records, however, show that he is registered as “management and business consultant”. There is no information about the company’s deletion from registries. The situation with Minister Nikolina Angelkova is similar as she is registered as a lawyer.

Foreign Minister Daniel Mitov is the manager of “Agricola Comerciale Company” Ltd., which deals with “raising cattle.” The company has not been reentered in the Trade Registry and has been probably automatically deleted.



Радваме се, че стигнахте дотук. Ако намирате, че статията е интересна и полезна, можете да ни подкрепите, за да продължим да правим независима разследваща журналистика.

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