Bivol’s appeal was sent to the Council of Ministers by e-mail on day the new Bulgarian caretaker government of Prime Minister Georgi Bliznashki was appointed

Bivol calls on the caretaker government “Bliznashki” to engage in the first day of its rule in “Operation Transparency”, which will shed light on the intertwining of politics, business and organized crime, as well as the mechanisms to manipulate the public through backstage power, inherited from the criminal Communist State and the structures of its State Security (DS). These measures do not require any legal amendments, but only strict enforcement of the law and respect for public interest:

1. Publishing and initiating the digitization process of all documents marked “Secret” and “Confidential” of all special services for the period ending in August 1999, for which the declassification deadline has expired. These documents should be available under the Access to Public Information Act (APIA), but are not, with which all security services have breached the law;

2. Publishing and initiating the digitization process of all documents from energy contracts: the Belene Nuclear Power Plant, the South Stream gas pipeline, Westinghouse, and modernization and reconstruction of existing facilities; applying to the full extend the law on overriding public interest over trade secrets;

3. Publishing the account balances of all state enterprises and institutions, in all banks, for each month since 2004 until now (the terms in office of the three governments that favored Corporate Commercial Bank (KTB) and other banks “bad apples”);

4. Sending justified requests for information to the German government on bank accounts of Bulgarians in Switzerland and Liechtenstein (the German government has already informed the National Revenue Agency (NRA) about them in 2010) and to the French Government for the Bulgarian “Lagarde List” in order to launch tax audits for the origin of the funds. After receiving this information, the names of politicians and public figures with such accounts are to be disclosed;

Furthermore, in order to not launder mafia money by “pouring concrete” on Bulgarian nature, we insist on the following: Annulment of the decision “Yulen” for Pirin Bansko, moratorium on construction in protected areas until the finalization of decrees declaring protected zones by habitats. Protected areas bordering the Black Sea should be declared a priority of the caretaker government. If this is not done by October 1, mass construction will begin, which will destroy forever the most valuable protected areas in order to launder the criminal loot;

The activities in the proposed by us “Operation Transparency” must be advanced and become irreversible before the expiry of the term in office of the caretaker government “Bliznashki”.

Bulgaria has the right to start its new civil and political “academic” year with a clean slate.

Bivol, August 5, 2014

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An answer from the State Commission on Information Security (SCIS), which shows that not a single special services’ document has been declassified;

Response to a request to NRA under APIA, which shows that Germany has provided information on accounts of Bulgarians in Switzerland, but this information has not been requested by NRA under the proper order;

A Bulgarian Energy Holding (BEH) confidential document from which it becomes clear that Russia dictated the writing of a special law on the so-called “sea pipeline” for the benefit of South Stream; 


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