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[dropcap color=”#6d6d6d”]O[/dropcap]n September 10, the State National Construction Control (SNCC) had to start the next stage of implementation of the law against usurpation of public lands and indiscriminate construction on the coastline south of Burgas. For this purpose, letters were issued notifying of forced demolition of illegal buildings on stolen State lands. Bivol has a specific letter of this kind, signed by the Head of SNCC, Eng. Milka Gecheva. She was promoted to this post by the party Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (GERB), then fired and now again reinstated by the caretaker government of Prime Minister, Georgi Bliznashki. Gecheva is the subject of investigations of Bivol in the affair “Dunes Gate” The total number of buildings that need to be removed is 144, and so far 107 have been removed, according to SNCC.

The area is known as the “Fishing Village Chengene Scale”, but the “fishermen” there are mainly “significant” local and national “dignitaries” – heads of State institutions, party Gauleiters, important magistrates, who peacefully coexist with thugs, gangsters and rich “businessmen”. The coast line was illegally covered with buildings in the last 20 years, in absolute breach of the law, as the lands were stolen from the State forestry fund. Former oak forests were indiscriminately felled; the coast is eerily excavated and covered with concrete, at places right on the beach. Some of the erected mansions are even built in the sea on artificial foundations. The outrageous city has its own restaurants, shops, even a chapel. The entire infrastructure – water supply, electricity etc. – is also illegal, but that does not prevent the water and power utilities to collect fees from residents. For decades, the scandalous settlement is growing and developing before the very eyes of the shocked public and with their inaction, the institutions actually promote the insane reality that in Bulgaria laws do not apply to all, and the State is for the private use of criminal protagonists and structures. Being an example of absurd corruption, unprecedented even for countries from the “Fourth World”, the settlement can wholeheartedly keep its name “Chengene Scale”, which means “Gipsy Port” – very telling indeed.

On September 10, however, the bulldozers were ready, but at the last moment they were stopped by an order of SNCC. The reason was an election campaign PR landing of GERB in the region under the pretext of helping the fishermen that became flood victims. The illegal villa neighborhood, built on coastal slopes, was “drowned” by nature after recent rains. What the Bulgarian corrupt State failed to do was done by God to proclaim that there is still some justice in this universe.

GERB leader Boyko Borisov “pulls fishermen from the mud”

This is how almost all obedient media described the feats of Borisov’s lawmaker-hopefuls. From their articles, it became clear that Borisov and his company added to the list of illegal construction three new houses – donated by GERB to the victims. Mayor Dimitar Nikolov, Deputy Chairman of GERB, even handed expressly issued building permits. Borisov also promised to propose to the caretaker government to “give” to “local people” 45 decares from the stolen forestry fund. “What I want to happen here and I commit; the Mayor has done everything necessary for the Agriculture Ministry to slate these 45 decares so that local people can buy them,” “Buddha” promised generously.

These 45 decares of State land are actually stolen and everything built on them should be demolished. It was an open secret in Burgas that one could obtain illegal State property by paying under the table a certain amount to thug groups that subsequently distributed the cash on municipal and government levels. This way, hundreds of decares of State forests were occupied and stolen from society. Who should be seeking justice and rule of law, when the scheme involved forestry heads, magistrates and district governors?

The mud and water that swept the fishermen are the result of chaotic and illegal construction in “Chengene Scale” without observance of urban and building codes, without streets and sewage. As early as 2002, SNCC established there 412 illegal buildings, including 150 massive ones, subject to demolition. “In Chengene Scale there is not even a single nail that was legally hammered,” experts confess before Bivol.

“I am a savior of the fishermen and of the law…”

According the order of SNCC, which Bivol has, on September, 10, 2014, the company “POMA GROUP Burgas” had to destroy one building. At the last moment, however, a verbal order to stop the demolition came from SNCC. The construction control justifies the postponement with the flooding. Approached for comment, the company’s manager, Atanas Popov, admitted that the consequences of the flooding weren’t an obstacle to the demolition. September 10 was a perfect day from meteorological standpoint – sunny, windless and warm. The motive “inclement weather” is a complete lie! The real reason for the delay is the campaign landing of GERB to stage the rescue of fishermen in distress. The pictures from the event, with Borisov and Nikolov generously donating land, prefabricated houses and cars, are endearing. Rule of law in the Republic of Bulgaria? Is there such thing for any one of these people?

The fact that in the area of the so-called “Fishermen Village” there is not a single legal structure and there is no way it can be, because the government simply seized the land, did not prevent Borisov to cynically “leapfrog” public correctives and make a personal commitment to give to fishermen stolen State land from the forestry fund.

While the former Prime Minister singlehandedly legitimized the continuing for decades lawlessness and arbitrariness in “Chengene Scale”, media fluttered around him and later published laudatory reports. Such brownnosing has not happened since April 2013, when the former GERB Minister of Regional Development, Lilyana Pavlova, “rescued a pregnant shrimp”. Now Pavlova, who, on Borisov’s order, also volunteers touting new rubber boots around the country, can teach her boss an expert lesson as the illegal vacation village “Golden Pearl” was demolished during her term in office.

“Buddha” took the guard of honor from Stanishev in legalizing opulent mansions

Attempts of construction control to apply the law and remove the posh construction began in 2010, but they met strong political resistance. Something completely predictable as the majority of the buildings are not modest fishing cabins, but luxury houses of rulers and related parties. The palace of the infamous architect Kalin Tiholov, known as the “executioner of Bulgarian Black Sea”, is also subject to demolition.

Last year, the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) mocked public opinion by proposing a moratorium on demolition of illegal houses in the country. The legislative proposal was submitted personally by former BSP leader and leader of the Party of European Socialists (PES), Sergei Stanishev. However, it was not approved because of the eruption of protests against the appointment of shady lawmaker Delian Peevski for Chief of the State Agency for National Security (DANS) and concerns of the “Commies” that the legalization of posh houses may cause additional public outrage.

GERB’s campaign proves that BSP’s idea to rescue illegal mansions is “untouchable”. It will most likely take place in the expected future “Cabinet Borisov II”, with the unofficial support of the party of the Turkish Minority, Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS), a secret coalition for which they are preparing. The heads of zombie rulers do not hold concerns about public discontent. All everlasting mainstream media from the empire “Peevski” have taken in their hands the powerful propaganda that “fishermen” interests are being protected.


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