BSPLeaks: “Guerillas” from the Bulgarian Socialist Party Disguised as “Citizens” Attack Facebook and Internet Forums

Екип на Биволъ


A project for an online Socialist campaign for the local and presidential elections in 2011 reveals the methods of the “red” activists for influence in social networks and internet forums. The priority of the centenarians (The Bulgarian Socialist Party, BSP, claims to have a 100-year history – editor’s note) is the “Guerilla Partisan Approach.” It is understood as “active civil participation in an already functioning nonpartisan pages,” which must be conquered in order “to promote attitudes and spread rumors.”

The document, drafted in March 2011, by the political consultant of the youth division of BSP, Lyubomila Totina, is listing the detailed black and white PT technology on local level, which in summary boils down to “degrade the opponent – GERB party – without saying how great we are.”

Back in March, eight months before the elections, a task was assigned for participation in the social network Facebook: “each municipality must select the most active group and our people must publish aggressively in it.” “Activating the maximum number of volunteers for writing comments on the internet” was the plan for the final stage in September 2011.

Lyubomila Totina is an activist of the youth organization of BSP and PR expert from the “Agency for Publicity.” She is also the owner of the advertising agency OPEN MINDED.

Totina is close to the son of Nikolay Dobrev – Kiril. She participates in the management of the companies Sgradostroitel JSC and Sgradostroitel – Invest JSC, in which Kiril Dobrev had shares in the past. Through a foundation named after the late former Interior Minister, Nikolay Dobrev, she has registered the site “Arguments,” a platform for “ABC” – the project of former President and former BSP leader, Georgi Parvanov. The registration of the now-defunct site R.E.D. – “RED PROtest,” aimed at young people with leftist political beliefs, is also hers.

After the Congress of the Socialist Party in 2012, Kiril Dobrev fell out of favor in the organization because he supported the clan of former President Georgi Parvanov AKA as Gotse (his alias as agent of the former Communist State Security – editor’s note) against Sergey Stanishev in the race for party leadership.

Documents leaked in Balkanleaks give the opportunity to explore public relations techniques of both rival clans in BSP: that of Sergey Stanishev and his wife Monica Yosifova and the competition around Georgi Parvanov.

Asked for comment by telephone, Ms. Totina could not remember this particular document and wished to have the text sent to her to be informed. By the time of the editorial closure of this article, the editorial office did not get an answer. Bivol will provide right of reply to all persons affected by this publication.





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