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Too many ex-Communist State Security (DS) agents and generals vacillate around “Vox Populi” (Voice of the People)

Mladen Georgiev, exposed by Bivol as a recruiter of Boyko Borisov – agent “Buddha” – is now a security expert for the political party “Voice of the People”. This became clear from Georgiev’s media appearances last week.

Georgiev, also known as the “Little Madzho”, was appointed by Boyko Borisov for Chief of the National Security Agency (DANS). A few months after revelations in the case “Buddha”, he quietly left the Agency.

The new job of “Little Madzho” in the “Voice of the People” certainly has nothing to do with the fact that the party’s PR is Svetla Brigova Asparuhova-Popova, daughter of Gen Brigo Asparuhov, former senior staff officer of the former First DS Directorate and promoted by Bulgaria’s first democratically elected President Zhelyo Zhelev to chief of the National Investigation Services (NIS) in the first years after the fall of the Communist Regime.

When former King Simeon Saxe-Coburg came to power as Prime Minister, he appointed Asparuhov for national security adviser, but a sharp opposing reaction of the USA, the NATO Headquarters in Brussels and the refusal of the Euro-Atlantic partners to give him access to classified information, thwarted these plans. His nomination was then the most fiercely and personally supported by none other than… the lifetime honorary Chairman of the party of the Turkish minority, Ahmed Dogan (exposed as DS agent with aliases Sergei and Sava).

It is worth reminding that Gen Asparuhov became Director of the insurance company “Vitosha” JSC and was in the management of companies “Daru Car” and “Daru Finance” of notorious KGB and DS agent, Atanas Tilev (agent Rumyantsev). Precisely Simeon, with whom Rumyantsev maintained “close” contacts in the dark years of Communism, was a shareholder in the same company. (The photograph shows Rumyantsev and Simeon 40 years ago in Switzerland)

Asparuhov’s daughter was also an employee in Tilev’s firms and even his partner. As PR, through her agency “Crystal Vision”, she nurtures not only “Vox Populi” but the former TV host Nikolay Barekov.

The “Rumyantsev” file disappeared from the DS archives and Asparuhov was accused of it. In fact, is it completely gone? Hardly so.

The deeds of the government of Simeon Saxe-Coburg will be subsequently recalled on other occasions, but two of them are particularly indicative for the assembly of the puzzle of the current mafia-oligarchic model of ruling Bulgaria.

– The sudden appointment of the guard of Communist functionary Gennady Zyuganov directly for Chief Secretary of the Interior and his subsequent promotion to General.

– Appointing the “prodigy” Delyan Peevski with only a high school diploma for Director of Port of Varna and his ensuing skyrocketing political and financial career, turning him into our country’s “backstage” ruler.

We will further add two important facts from the Prime Minister terms in office of Plamen Oresharski and Boyko Borisov to help analysts:

– In November 2007, when Plamen Oresharski was Finance Minister in the Three-Party Coalition government, Bulgaria waived nearly four billion US dollar debt for Iraq to Bulgaria.

– In April 2010, Boyko Borisov did the same with three-fourths of the debt of the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad.


A question for advanced people is whether these financial billion- tributes to two of the Arab regimes in the Middle East, where Bulgaria played a fundamental role through its State foreign trade companies, are related to the nomination and the subsequent appointment of Peevski for Chief of DANS precisely by Oresharski in his capacity of Prime Minister?

We also assume that there is “no connection” with the disclosure of Capital daily that the leader of “Vox Populi”, Svetlyo Vitkov, was a manager of cigarettes manufacturer “North Tabaco”, associated with the Harmanli smuggler and DS agent known as Tentcho the Swineherd.

Tentcho the Swineherd was exposed as DS agent with the alias “Stefan” in July 2014. He was a partner with former Deputy Chief of the First Directorate of DS and the first Deputy Minister of the Interior of People’s Republic of Bulgaria, Gen Lyuben Gotsev. Gotsev was a direct boss of Asparuhov during the regime of Communist dictator Todor Zhivkov. This did not prevent Tentcho and Gotsev from exporting lambs for the Middle East after the fall of the regime.

Bivol reminds that after the publication of the “Buddha” file, his first and strongest defenders were notably the top DS cops in the State. In public space then echoed the voices of the former Head of the Sixth DS Directorate, Dimitar Ivanov (AKA the Gestapo), and Brigo Asparuhov. The later officially admitted on air before the public radio BNR that it was him who personally “recommended” to the King to appoint Boyko Borisov at the highest strategic position in the Ministry of Interior – Chief Secretary. His reasons were that the boy guarded well Russian Communist Zyuganov, when he came to Bulgaria.


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