Bulgaria Is Governed by Fortune-Tellers

#YanevaGate, Season 3, Episode 1, start of new season

An unreleased recorded conversation between judges Vladimira Yaneva, Rumyana Chenalova and attorney Momchil Mondeshki reveals the processes behind key events in the judiciary. The suspension of the President of the Sofia City Court (SCC), Vladimir Yaneva, labeled “finishing” in other conversations between the three of them, has come from the “highest place”, from “the top of your structure” i.e. Prime Minister Boyko Borisov.

According to the recording, this has been said by a fortune teller named Eli, with whom attorney Momchil Mondeshki consulted on the phone. Therefore, while Borisov was pondering whose head should roll, magistrates and lawyers have consulted fortune-tellers and were trembling over the looming “blow of fate”. A likely salvation would be going to Borisov and “touching his muscle” (when Borisov was Chief Secretary of the Interior Ministry a decade ago, he was known for letting his favorite female journalists touch his strong biceps – editor’s note) , as proposed by Mondeshki.

The so-called Special Surveillance Devices (SSD) markers – beeps every five seconds in the range 5.8 khz – are perfectly audible at the beginning of the sound file of the conversation.



Recordings of conversations between magistrates known as “Yaneva Gate” have painted a grim picture of corruption, dependencies, inadmissible interference of the executive in the judiciary and ethical violations by magistrates. Despite the huge scandal that was included the European Commission monitoring report on the state of Bulgaria’s judicial system, the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) refused to probe the case and the prosecution left it simmer without checking evidence of trading of influence.

However, the squished probe into “Yaneva Gate” may be in the list of cases examined by the European prosecutors in the framework of the European Commission Structural Reform Support Service – SRSS. More than 1,300 people have signed the online petition, initiated by Bivol and disseminated on social networks, which insists on such a European inspection.

Listen to the audio file (in Bulgarian):


Listen here to processed file with filters to detect beeps every 5 seconds:



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