September 15, 2015 “It is unlikely to have a migrant distribution center opened in Bulgaria.” This was announced in the city of Veliko Tarnovo by Bulgarian Foreign Minister Daniel Mitov. In his words, Bulgaria is insisting to have such centers located outside the European Union. (Bulgarian daily Dnevnik)

September, 23, 2015 “Bulgaria wants, if needed, to have the European Union (EU) create on its territory a reception center for migrants, the so- called “hotspot,” said German Chancellor Angela Merkel at a news conference in the wee hours today, after the EU summit on the refugee crisis. Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov did not speak to reporters after the meeting. (Bulgarian news site ClubZ)

September 8, 2015: “Bulgaria’s decision to ban Russian humanitarian aircraft to Syria from flying through the airspace of the country is an “absolutely independent” decision.” (AFP)

September 12, 2015: “A decision had to be made. What to do right at this moment? The Chief of Staff reported; he was waiting for orders.  The dilemma was whether to fulfill what we have as commitment, clearly knowing that the next day we could be collecting people and aircraft remains in the Black Sea. I cannot allow such a thing to happen. I ordered to let them fly, if we have to.” Prime Minister Boyko Borisov

The State software is obviously bugged. And nobody knows what heights the level of its harmful emissions can reach.


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