Bulgarian Ministry of Environment and Waters Stopped Construction in Sinemorets; Builders Ignored Order


Businessman Nedelcho Ginin obtained the land as a disadvantaged person; savagely destroyed a Thracian tomb because it impeded his plans and built a second hotel
A message about stopped construction in Sinemorets appeared on the Facebook page of the Ministry of Environment and Waters (MEW) on April 17. However, a check on the spot of activist Evgeniy Daynov established that the construction is ongoing and concrete is still being poured there.

The Ministry stopped the works for which the Tsarevo Municipality issued aconstruction permit on March 10, 2015, because the project is located in the Strandzha Nature Park and has not been coordinated with the Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Waters (RIEW). The order has been handed on April 15, but the facility has not been sealed by the Regional State National Construction Control (RSNCC); builders brazenly continue construction works, and are currently working at full speed, according to Evgeniy Daynov.

RSNCC bosses never checked construction papers

A scandal is currently shaking RSNCC Burgas because of this case. The Minister has requested the resignations of the Head of the Regional Office of the RSNCC Krum Mitev and inspector Albena Decheva, but they have refused to submit them, Bivol learned.

By law, after the municipality issues a construction permit, RSNCC must conduct a check, but it did not happen.

Who is building in Sinemorets?

Builder “Cork and Fork” is connected with the company “Transkabel” of Nedelcho Ginin, which already has a hotel in Sinemorets – “Casa Domingo”. Formally, Ginin’s daughter – Darina Angelova Petrova – is the owner and manager of “Cork and Fork”. With the new construction, he will extend the existing complex “Veleka Resort”, erected on the nearby meadows.

Businessman Ginin rose to fame in July 2007 when his company dug a Thracian mound near this field, because the hill obstructed the view to the river mouth from “Veleka Resort” and he needed the dirt to align the terrain.

“An excavator is digging a Thracian tomb on the north coast of the village of Sinemorets. Ancient pottery and fragments of urns are flying around. The villagers are becoming unwilling witnesses of the destruction. They do not believe their eyes, watching a millennial tomb crash to the ground,” newspaper 168 Hours, which published an investigation in Ginin and his companies, wrote then.

According to media reports, artefacts, including a unique gold chariot, disappeared as a result of the excavations.
Disadvantaged businessman with two hotels

It turned out that the businessman acquired the property from the municipality on grounds of being a disadvantaged person and paid only 1.97 levs per square meter in 2003

This was done exactly in the period when the newly-elected Mayor Petko Arnaudov launched large-scale corruption land deals and distributed the most valuable plots to local notables and businessmen listed as being poor.

Ginin’s deal is detailed in an audit report for the Tsarevo Municipality, prepared by the Agency for State and Financial Control, describing the many violations committed by “the liquidator of Strandzha”, but the prosecution closed its eyes to them.

The prosecution has also closed its eyes for the destruction of the Thracian mound, an article in 24 Hours daily reveals, although archaeologists have reported this “vandalism”.

Here is the full text of the message of RIEW Burgas:

RIEWs Burgas halted the construction of a residential building in Sinemorets

Construction works within the Nature Park Strandzha have started without the investment proposal being coordinated and consistent with the environmental inspectorate. The construction was halted pending the Director of RIEW Burgas’ final administrative decision on the project “Construction of a Residential Building in Land Plot (66528.501.381 identifier (UPI I-381 sq. 44), village of Sinemorets, Tsarevo municipality”, commissioned by “Cork and Fork” Ltd., Sofia.

Upon inspection by experts from RIEW Burgas on the field, it was established that construction of a residential building has begun. The property is surrounded by metal fences; excavations have been carried out and foundations have been placed. A posted sign indicates that permission for the construction has been issued on March 10, 2015, however, there is no coordination of the investment project with RIEW Burgas.

The order, issued on April 15, 2015, has been sent to the contracting authority “Cork and Fork” Sofia for implementation. The Regional Governor of Burgas, the Tsarevo Mayor and RSNCC Region South have been notified for informational and control purposes.


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