Bulgarian Prosecution Failed to See Problem with the “Talking Points” of the Ministry of Interior against Protesters

Todor Proychev, Parliamentary Secretary of former Interior Minister Tsvetlin Yovchev, has not disclosed State secrets

Prosecutor Margarita Nemska, from the Sofia City Prosecutor’s Office, has terminated the probe in the “talking points” of the Interior Ministry against Bulgarian anti-government protesters, which leaked at the end of 2013 through the Balkanleaks platform.

The e-mail from the address bsp.prescentyr@gmail.com, sent to dozens of addresses of Members of the Parliament from the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) literally stated the following:

Dear colleagues,

In the attachment, we are sending to you the talking points about the protests, prepared by the Ministry of Interior.

The attached Word document, entitled OPT_protesti_13.11.2013.doc, contains protesters’ data that apparently has been obtained through operational techniques of the Ministry of Interior – internal bulletins, operational information, personal data of detainees, which should not be accessible to everyone. Here are some details:

  • The profile of the detained on November 12 and 13 by the Ministry of Interior nearly 50 people (49 according to the official bulletin) is hardly the one of the college student as they were mainly 40-year olds.
  • Neighbors recognized with surprise the “student” with the cracked eyebrow, about whom they had no idea that he was enrolled in college (which does not mean that this is not the case). The same, it seemed to them, was not very much in his “right mind”.
  • Again – the “greens” connected to publisher Ivo Prokopiev, including journalist Laura Fileva – paid servant of Prokopiev; works in the online media “Dnevnik” and daughter of Rumyana Bachvarova, Chief-of-Staff of former Prime Minister Borisov.
  • etc.

The metadata of the file shows that it was sent by the user Todor S. Proychev, from the organization MOI, which is the abbreviation in English of the Ministry of Interior. The authenticity of this document was confirmed by the Speaker of the Parliament, Mihail Mikov.

The signal to the prosecution, submitted by Bivol, underlines that the available metadata such as information in the attached file, identification number of the message, the time of sending, and the IP address of the server, can determine whether the document has been filled and used by a person who by virtue of their duties had access to information that constitutes State secret.

Capture 2015-03-06 à 08.57.51

Prosecutor Nemska has determined that the person Todor Stoyanov Proychev was a Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of Interior, but he was not even questioned. The recipients of the signal or the staff of the BSP press office, who have distributed it, have not been questioned either. The National Security Agency (DANS) had carried out a probe in the Ministry of Interior document exchange that established that the leaked data were not State secret.

Bivol stresses that in the interests of justice and the ending of such practices in the Interior Ministry, it is still possible and desirable to carry out a probe in the archived messages and the access to operational information of Todor Proychev.

The new Interior Minister, the same Rumyana Bachvarova, has the power to order such a probe and alert again the prosecution, which shoved the first signal under the rug, obviously under political pressure. Separately, Prosecutor Nemska should be held responsible by the Supreme Judicial Council for her sloppy work in the case.


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