A probe of the Sofia City Prosecutor’s Office (SCPO) on the order of the Appellate Prosecutor’s Office has not identified violations in the use of random distribution of files and cases, including those allocated to Prosecutor Boryana Betsova. This was the laconic response of the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) after we asked these detailed questions:

– In the last three years, how many prosecutors from SCPO have had cases distributed to them that involve persons at senior positions of power, such as MPs, ministers, heads of agencies?

– How many prosecutors participated in the random distribution of headline-making signals against controversial lawmaker Delyan Peevski, against activists from Protest Network, against Minister Ivan Danov and against former lawmaker Hristo Bisserov, all distributed to Prosecutor Boryana Betsova from SCPO?

– If prosecutor Betsova has taken the probe against Minister Ivan Danov from another prosecutor, what were the reasons to choose precisely her? Was there a random distribution or has Betsova been referred by someone and by whom?

– What software is used for the random distribution of prosecutors in SCPO?

In our signal to the SJC we insisted to have the protocols of the aforementioned distributions in SCPO published. As evidenced by the answer, it appears that all details about the distribution of cases in SCPO, including the used software, are classified.

The random distribution of cases in the prosecution is not in the focus of public attention as is the distribution of cases in trial stage. However, possible manipulations and substitutions provide important opportunities for political influence – bringing charges against some “inconvenient” individuals or termination of cases against “our people”.

Citing the Access to Public Information Act, Bivol will ask the Appellate Prosecutor’s Office in Sofia to provide the results of the probe in the distribution of cases in SCPO.



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