Clad in “Scervino” Lady from “Yaneva Gate” Became State Servant under Borisov’s Rule

The Prime Minister’s feelings for the elegantly dressed lady had a favorable impact on her career
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The lady who “walked around clad in Scervino” and was appointed as an assistant to the protocol of Prime Minister Boyko Borisov has also been appointed in the Council of Ministries and has become a State servant during his first term in office, shows an inquiry requested by Bivol under the Access to Public Information Act (APIA).

The person in question became known from a series of recordings in the “Yaneva Gate” scandal. A conversation between former judges Vladimira Yaneva, Rumyana Chenalova and an unknown man focuses on women towards whom Borisov had “a positive attitude” that “was not just for one bang”. Borisov’s female PR is not mentioned by name by Yaneva, but she claims that the said woman was the wife of someone close to the Prime Minister, from the so-called circle “The Tomcats“. Bivol established that this is Desislava Krasteva, wife of Ivaylo Krastev, who is the owner of the nightclub “Sin City”. In the inquiry, citing APIA, we requested from the Administration of the Council of Ministries her declarations of conflict of interest and information about her career growth.

Desislava Krasteva has been appointed by contract to the position Chief Specialist in Directorate “Government Protocol” in the Administration of the Council of Ministries in November 2009, a few months after Borisov won the general elections and formed a government. She has not declared any conflict of interest.

The answer of the Council of Ministries is quite scarce in the part concerning Krasteva’s career development, but it is clear that she has become State servant on March 17, 2011, and that on that ground her civil contract has been terminated. However, she continued to work in the Administration of the Council of Ministries until July 8, 2013, when she left State employment by mutual consent. This happened during the term in office of Prime Minister Plamen Oresharski.

Citing APIA, Bivol requested additional information about the case. We are interested whether a mandatory competition for the position occupied by Kristeva as a State servant has been held; what diplomas she had submitted and what were the professional qualities due to which she has been selected for the job.

Clad in “Scervino” Lady from “Yaneva Gate” Became State Servant under Borisov’s RuleClad in “Scervino” Lady from “Yaneva Gate” Became State Servant under Borisov’s RuleClad in “Scervino” Lady from “Yaneva Gate” Became State Servant under Borisov’s RuleClad in “Scervino” Lady from “Yaneva Gate” Became State Servant under Borisov’s RuleClad in “Scervino” Lady from “Yaneva Gate” Became State Servant under Borisov’s Rule

Transcript of the conversation between Yaneva, Chenalova and an unknown man:

VYA – Vladimira Yaneva, RCH – Rumyana Chenalova

VYA: It is a fact that he has a positive attitude towards certain women; towards some of those that he has been with.

Unknown Man: Certainly

VYA: Now, there was one, he bought her a house in Barcelona for a million and a half euro. There is another one, she walked around clad in Scervino, I forgot her name, what was her name, she was the wife of one of his very close friends from the “Tomcats” circle, I cannot think of her name at the moment.

Unknown Man: Yeah

VYA: Anyway. She was his protocol. And, even though she was the wife of a close friend, he started a love affair with her, but in a sense, I do not know if they are still together, if they have broken up, I have no idea. I cannot tell you what happened.

Unknown Man sighs

VYA But he certainly had special feelings for her. In a sense, this was not just for one bang.

Unknown Man: Yeah (sighs)

VYA: However, half of Sofia knew about Maya.

Unknown Man: Yeah

VYA: Which is terribly unpleasant, I must say, after all.

RCH: Terribly.

VYA: After all.



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