The Deputy Chairman of the party largely representing the Muslim minority in Bulgaria (Movement for Right and Freedoms, DPS), Yordan Tsonev, said on Nova TV that the DPS lifetime honorary Chairman, Ahmed Dogan and the member of the party’s leadership Emel Etem have not used their credit cards with preferential terms from the collapsed private lender Corporate Commercial Bank (CCB).

However, a check conducted by Bivol shows that the cards have been used. Here is their status by June 20, 2014, when the bank halted its operations:

Ahmed Demir Dogan

Credit card in euro: Regular principal: 7,406.00; unused amount: 70,826.00

Emel Etem Tochkova

Credit card in US dollars: Regular principal: 605; unused amount: 35,379.00

Credit card in euro: Regular principal 818; unused amount: 48,077.00

Yordan Tsonev’s best man, Milcho Kiryakov, about whom Bivol revealed that he had the most lucrative preferential interest rate of 9%, has also actively used his credit card.

Credit card in euro: Regular principal: 5,413.00; unused amount: 4,365.00


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