The most successful forays against the mafia in the United States and Europe have been carried out through revelations from the inside, from people who knew the system, its secret mechanisms hierarchy, financial flows and gray cardinals. Some of these people have repented while still being part of the structure, others – after being excommunicated, but in all cases their testimonies are invaluable and the duty of law enforcement is to use the information that they can provide.

Will something similar happen in Bulgaria after the scandal Yaneva Gate? Will there be an independent investigation? Is Rumyana Chenalova going to be summoned as a witness to the facts exposed in the recordings? In any normal country such an investigation would already be underway. Not in this country, where authorities are only trying to mask the truth, not to reveal it.

Recordings of conversations between Vladimira Yaneva and Rumyana Chenalova, published by Bivol, give an answer to the above – the entire State machine functions as a well-conspired mafia. Until recently, Rumyana Chenalova, who a few months ago was removed and finally “finished” last Thursday, was part of this organization. The Supreme Judicial Council (SJD) discarded her from the system for breaking the omerta for the recordings and admitting that there have been such conversations and she heard the facts in them.

But what law enforcement can we talk about if the Prime Minister, the Chief Prosecutor, the Head of the Supreme Administrative Court, the Head of the Sofia Prosecutor’s Office and an unknown number of SJC members have personally conspired with each other and are part of this mafia?

The interview with Rumyana Chenalova will be broadcast (in Bulgarian) in several series. In the first part, she says that she had heard what was said in the recordings personally from Vladimira Yaneva. Both judges have met repeatedly and have shared “certain facts”, she said. Chenalova also explained that there was no scenario or plan to destabilize the country and discredit the Chief Prosecutor.

According to Chenalova, it is very easy to request information on messages and calls from Viber to confirm her words. She is skeptical whether this will be done.

Has Chenalova recorded the conversations? The former judge denies it and believes that they may have been recorded by the authorities or by private structures. “It does not matter who made them, what is important is what is being said and whether it’s true,” she said, and pointed out that the Chief Prosecutor has rushed to accuse her of making the recordings, which shows that he is quite concerned.

The first part of the interview can be watched here.


:  The interview was conducted by Dimitar Stoyanov

To be continued…


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