EC Report Noticed the Prosecution’s Cover-Up for FIB, Exposed by Bivol

While arrests are taking place in neighboring countries, in Bulgaria thieves of EU funds are untouchable. Meanwhile shady lawmaker and businessman Delyan Peevski pocketed 700 million levs in EU financing.  
Екип на Биволъ

The scandal “Yaneva Gate”, to the horror of the people ruling the country, is duly reflected in the European Commission’s report on the progress in the judiciary and home affairs. Brussels continues to insist on a transparent and impartial investigation in the recordings and even sees this as a litmus test for the progress in these sectors.

“It will be important for the credibility of the process that all steps are taken to ensure that investigation takes place in a transparent and impartial manner,” says the report.

However, this is not the only revelation of Bivol listed in the report. The footnotes and the technical report include the case with the theft 26 euro from food supplies to the poor in Romania, in which First Investment Bank (FIB) has a key role. This case is still stalling in Bulgaria, as the prosecution deliberately remains idle, while in Romania arrests have already been made. This is seen in the general part of the report on page 7, in the footnotes.

“In some instances there appears to have been reluctance on the part of the prosecution to take forward investigations, including in cases linked to EU funds.” (Technical report p. 24-25)

The footnote text in the technical report on p. 25 is even more specific:

“OLAF reports that it sometimes appears unclear why the judicial authorities did not initiate, or discontinued, judicial procedures. This problem is further underlined by the existence of parallel cases in other Member States, where sentences have already been handed down or police raids and arrests have been undertaken.”

The only known parallel case, in which there are sentences, is the case “SAPARD” against the group of Lyudmil Stoykov and Mario Nikolov. Lyudmil Stoykov, an individual close to ex-President Parvanov, who is a former agent of the Communist Secret Services with the alias Gotse, was entirely exonerated by the Court, while Mario Nikolov was acquitted on second instance. In the parallel reality of the German justice, their accomplices have already served their sentences in Germany. Currently, Mario Nikolov, through a group of connected companies, is again bidding and winning millions of European funding for projects, as Bivol revealed. His current partner is a notorious computer “pro” and “random allocator” of cases in the Sofia City Court, known with the nickname Mitko The Flash Disk. There are currently no signs that the Bulgarian authorities and OLAF have undertaken anything to save European taxpayers’ money from the looming outright theft.

Even bolder, however, is the theft of 26 million euro from the funds provided by the EU to Romania to buy food for the poor. Bivol’s investigation showed iron-strong evidence that this heist has been organized by the owners of First Investment Bank and the gang known as “The Killers” through shell offshore companies and dummy Cypriot lawyers.

This, without doubt, is the only parallel case in which raids and arrests have already been undertaken in another Member State. This happened in Romania at the end of last year. The indictment of the Romanian anti-corruption prosecutors states in black and white that the offense was committed with the complicity of FIB. In Bulgaria, nothing is happening with this investigation, even after Bivol located and interviewed the dummy person, who said straight forward that the seals of his company were kept in the bank.

However, the Damocles sword of Brussels continues to weigh over the Bulgarian Prosecutor’s Office, because the money is gone, and European taxpayers were brazenly harmed. The European Commission said that the investigation in this case continues. However, as obviously, it is still not clear for OLAF why Prosecutor General Sotir Tsatsarov remians idle, we will try to explain it in simple words, based on our investigations and other operational information.

The majority shareholders of FIB, Tseko Minev and Ivaylo Mutafchiev, together with MP Delyan Peevski, currently represent an organized crime group, enjoying the cover-up of Prosecutor General Sotir Tsatsarov. Peevski is using the bank as his personal piggy bank to buy assets. Or, so to say, he is using the money of Bulgarian taxpayers with which the bank was rescued from bankruptcy in 2014 and no one dares to ask him where his money comes from.

Sources, who have signed a detailed letter to the US Embassy, claim that Tsatsarov has dependencies from Peevski as the latter has provided 5 million levs from the now-collapsed Corporate Commercial Bank (CCB) to bribe members of the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) to secure his election to the post. Peevski’s meeting with Tsatsarov was in hotel “Berlin” and is probably recorded, and then there has been a meeting between Tsatsarov and Georgi Gergov, which was also recorded, is written in the letter.

There is another detail. According to a research of Bivol, based on open data on public procurement, published by the government, companies associated with Peevski have taken nearly 700 million levs in EU funding (see here).

350 million euro for WHO #! And that’s not clear to OLAF?



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