What is the point of the upcoming elections when they will not lead to change in the odious and intolerable for Bulgarian society status quo!? The first and binding target should be IMMEDIATE CHANGE IN THE ELECTORAL SYSTEM – E-voting, which can be also mandatory; participation of civil associations in the electoral process; dismantling the party monopoly and the “vampire” plutocracy model; revocation of all State subsidies for the political mafia because this is what political actors in the country have become. Whatever government rules in the future – it will not have the necessary representation and public trust, but it will again continue plundering national resources through corporate hoops because this model of ruling the country has been imposed for decades now. One does not have to be a prophet to predict that the elections on October 5, 2014, will not be a solution and will not lead to suppression of the worst political crisis in the country – to the contrary – they will inflict even more tensions and will radicalize the vicious phenomena to the extreme. What are we proposing? We propose to come to the hard decision that the future National Assembly, or at least the majority that will be formed there, to concentrate on a fundamental and vital goal – make radical changes in the current electoral system, which directly serves the criminal system of the same clique that replicates itself in a government, elected by one third of Bulgarians with largely bought, ethnic or hardline party votes. There is no way that such Parliament and government can be acceptable to the Bulgarians. After that, we should have new elections and designate institutions widely-representative of our society. Then, in this future Parliament, elected by the majority of the nation, let’s put first on the agenda the adoption of a Law on Lustration – limiting the participation of former communist officials and especially informants of the communist secret police in the civil service. From then on, things will become normal naturally. This is a proposal for a legal EXODUS. If this fails, the only mean that remains is the revolutionary approach!



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