Former Bulgarian National Investigation Chief Dies and Is Buried Secretly

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Angel Alexandrov, a former head of the Bulgarian National Investigative Service died on September 16 and was very discretely and secretly buried on September 19. As if it were a state secret, there was and is no public information whatsoever about the death of Alexandrov, a former agent of the Communist special services, known as the State Security, and a person considered to have been close to controversial politician Ahmed Dogan, Honorary Lifetime Chairman of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS), the party largely representing the Muslim minority in Bulgaria. Dogan is also a former State Security agent under the codename “Sava”.

The former investigator’s obituary is glued only on his gravestone and on the door of his apartment, as seen by a Bivol reporter.

Former Bulgarian National Investigation Chief Dies and Is Buried SecretlyFormer Bulgarian National Investigation Chief Dies and Is Buried Secretly

The cause of death and of this discretion is not clear yet. The Property Register shows that a year ago Angel Alexandrov settled with his wife all their joint properties.

This is the second former head of the National Investigative Service to die this year. In August, the news broke that Rumen Andreev had committed suicide. According to the official announcement of the Interior Ministry, Andreev had shot himself after a family scandal.

Both, Alexandrov and Andreev, are associated with DPS through Ahmed Dogan and another controversial DPS politician – lawmaker and media mogul, Delyan Peevski. Rumen Andreev’s son is attorney Geno Andreev, named as a trusted person in the deal for Bulgarian tobacco manufacturer Bulgartabac, whose ownership is now associated with Peevski.

Peevski’s spiritual father

Alexandrov was the one to suggests to the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) that young Delyan Peevski be appointed as an investigator despite the latter’s lack of legal job experience. The deceased was also Ahmed Dogan’s personal attorney. However, the relationship between them dates back to the times of the State Security when, as noted, they both had been two of its secret agents.

Angel Alexandrov is also the man who shielded the investigator known by the notorious nickname “Petio the Euro” over allegations of being deeply corrupt. His protégés include other emblematic magistrates associated with the capture of the judicial system by people close to DPS.

In 2007, Alexandrov was a key figure in the scandal with the racketeering of Hristo Lakov, Bulgartabac’s CEO at that time and was forced to resign along with Delyan Peevski, then Deputy Minister of Disasters and Emergency Situations. Peevski was even investigated for extortion, while Alexandrov, for his part, was blackmailing the-then Interior Minister, Rumen Petkov, and Prime Minister, Sergei Stanishev with information about kompromat pictures of EU Commissioner Frattini in Bulgaria’s winter resort of Borovets.

The good old State Security method seems to have worked because no extortion was proven, Peevski was reinstated as a deputy minister in Stanishev’s government, and Alexandrov returned to the National Investigation as head of its economic directorate.

Another scandal involving Angel Alexandrov broke over his conversations with the two notorious “businessmen” from the western town of Dupnitsa, Angel Hristov and Plamen Galev, better known as the “Galevi Brothers. The late Customs Head, General Vanyo Tanov told a parliamentary committee in 2008 that Angel Alexandrov had been intercepted during an attempt to warn Hristov and Galev about an anti-drug-trafficking operation against them.

The information that Alexandrov had been an agent of the State Security was announced in 2007 by the so-called “Files Commission”, a body tasked with investigating the Communist era’s secret documents.

Officially, Angel Alexandrov had been the State Security investigator in Ahmed Dogan’s case, after which the latter had been sentenced by the Communist regime to ten years behind bars of which he served only three and was released without a court order. However, from what is written in the State Security “Agent Sava” file, it appears that this had rather been a plan for installing an undercover agent in dissident circles.

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