Colonel Vladimir Mikoulinsky, a former military attaché of France to Bulgaria, is to be appointed procurator of the “Hedge Fund Investment” which holds a controlling stake in the Bulgarian military facilities “Dunarit” and “Avionams” (the former “Terem”). The decision for the appointment has been made on March 5, 2015, by the Board of Directors and Mikoulinsky has given consent and a specimen signature before a notary on March 9. The documents are publicly available in the Trade Registry and the appointment of Mikulinski is awaiting registration.

The license of “Dunarit” was withdrawn in early March by the Interagency Council on Defense Industry and Security of Supplies at the Council of Ministers because of an undisclosed threat to national security. A week earlier, the Head of the FBI was on an official visit to Bulgaria.

Colonel Vladimir Mikoulinsky has Bulgarian-Russian roots. His grandfather Boris Mikhailovich Mikoulinsky was born in 1923 in the Bulgarian central town of Gorna Oryahovitsa in the family of Russian emigrants who left Russia because of the October Revolution. According to his profile on LinkedIn, until 2014, he worked at the Ministry of Defense of France. He is currently dealing with “crisis management” and “management of transitional periods”.

Mikuulinsky indicated as his current address 27-29 Oborishte Street in Sofia, and this is the address of the French Embassy. Bivol approached the press service of the French Embassy for comment on Mikulinski’s appointment and his current address

“Mr. Vladimir Mikoulinsky is a retired former French officer. The address 27-29 Oborishte Street in Sofia is the one of the Embassy of France. Only the Ambassador of France resides at this address,” the answer states.

This means that Retired Colonel Mikulinski has provided a fake address in an official document.

Who is behind Dunarit and Terem?

It is believed that the two companies are part of the assets of the majority shareholder of the failed Corporate Commercial Bank (CCB), banker Tsvetan Vasilev, who, however, does not identify himself as the ultimate owner. “Hedge Investment” is owned by the offshore company “EFV International Financial Ventures” LTD, which is registered in the British Virgin Islands and has accounts in the Swiss branch of the British bank RCS Coutt. Bivol published earlier documents which show that large sums have been transferred from this company to offshore companies registered under the name of trade union leaders Dr. Konstantin Trenchev and the Secretary General of the Confederation of Labor “Podkrepa” (Support), Andrey Varbanov. Varbanov has been CFO and later a consultant of the minority owner of “Dunarit” – “Nikkomers 01”.

There is ongoing investigation in Switzerland in money laundering against the owner of EFV, Tsvetan Vasilev, but there is no evidence that EFV is also being investigated. In addition, EFV has credited part of the acquisition of BT Invest, owner of Bulgartabac.




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