Lawyer Mondeski: Powerful Politician and Banker Have Teamed Up

#YanevaGate, Season 3, Episode 16 in which the lawyer shares secrets with one judge in the absence of the other
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More problems are looming ahead for judge Vladimira Yaneva, predicts lawyer Momchil Mondeshki. They will not stop, he says in one of the conversations from Yaneva Gate. However, this conversation takes place in the absence of judge Rumyana Chenalova, who has left the house to buy cigarettes. This becomes obvious due to a threat by the lawyer to kick Chenalova’s dog Benny as it has rushed after her when she has closed the door

Yaneva, who was expecting news from the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) on her “finishing” any minute, asks Mondeshki what was the reason for his prediction. The absence of Chenalova enables the sharing of particularly sensitive information that Mondeshki had not dared to disclose in the presence of Chenalova. With a low voice, he reveals the cause of the future problems:

Tsvetanov has teamed up with Tsvetan Vasilev … (Tsvetan Tsvetanov – former Interior Minister and leading figure in the ruling Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria party, GERB, and Tsvetan Vasilev, former majority shareholder and owner of the collapsed Corporate Commercial Bank, CCB – editor’s note).

Yaneva accepts the news with resignation. “What more can they do? Press charges against me. Well, OK. And what does it matter?”


Momchil Mondeshki, the unknown until recently lawyer from a small town in central Bulgaria, is obviously a person who has a very wide range of backstage contacts and personally knows people from the inner circle of Prime Minister Boyko Borisov. It is entirely possible that the  information about the alliance between Tsvetanov and Vasilev, disclosed to Yaneva, is real and he has received it through his own channels.

We have learned from conversations, published earlier by Bivol, that Mondeshki suspects that the person behind Yaneva’s “finishing” is “Tsetso” (Tsvetan Tsvetanov) who has been pressuring “Boyko” tremendously. “He has gone crazy,”  Mondeshki further says about him, apparently referring to the fact that the Sofia City Court (SCC) has sentenced Tsvetanov on charges of illegal wiretapping (later reversed in a higher instance). Boyko, in turn, had been pressuring the Prosecutor General to decide the fate of the SCC President (Yaneva – editor’s note) by indicting her in the illegal wiretapping  case known as “Worms”, and later in time, there really was such indictment.

Before becoming a defendant, Tsvetan Tsvetanov (as did banker Tsvetan Vasilev), was a family friend of Vladimira Yaneva. She was elected President of the very important SCC by the SJC at the beginning of the term in office of the first government of Boyko Borisov, despite her involvement in scandals even back then.

Mondeshki’s new revelations open the field for political interpretations. Was there a “conspiracy” between banker Tsvetan Vasilev and the  irreplaceable head of the election headquarters of GERB, Tsvetan Tsvetanov? Is there a link with the recent electoral defeat of GERB in the presidential elections, where the ruling party lost even in strongholds such as the capital Sofia and the Black Sea city of Burgas? Is it a coincidence that just after the election an interview with Tsvetan Vasilev was broadcast in which he revealed how Boyko Borisov had racketeered him for huge amounts through his friend Alexander Staliyski?

The answers to these questions and even their very discussion are obviously unpleasant for both the former and the future government, and especially for the Prosecutor’s Office, led by Sotir Tsatsarov.




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