Galevi have disappeared like Borilski’ murderers…or like Taki?


A counterfeit profile of Plamen Galev came into the social network Twitter right after Cvetan Cvetanov called on Galevi brothers to surrender.

The mysterious disappearing of Plamen Galev and Angel Hristov and the exhortation of Cvetan Cvetanov to surrender put on the agenda the problem with the lack of coordination between law enforcement institutions- Court, Prosecution and MIA.

The last similar scandalous case was with the Martin Borilski’ murderers. They foresightedly didn’t appear at the sitting of the court at which they had been convicted; the bail was changed and they must have been taken out with handcuffs. George Zheliazkov and Stoian Stoichkov had been hiding for a couple of days before they appeared at Varna’s prison, but there were various versions for their escaping abroad, which mass media tolerated. The sentence of Galevi, passed by the Supreme court, became public on the 3th of May. On the next day it was clear that they will serve it in the dormitory in Samoranovo, a few minutes far from their residence in Resilovo. Right on the 9th of May, six days after the sentence, MIA decided to interfere in the investigation.

Compared to the other case Borilski’ murderers were convicted in the late evening on the 4th of February 2010 and on the early morning of the 6th of February they were reported missing by MIA.

Galevi may have known what their sentence is long before it became public. As the local newspaper Struma wrote in November 2010 the spouse of Galevi’s lawyer Emil Velinov is Antoaneta Nikova- chief of the cabinet of Lazar Gruev- the head of the Supreme court- the same court where the heroes of Dupnitsa were convicted on the highest instance.

Antoaneta Nikova could have hardly influenced over the sentence, but it is completely possible she knew it just before it was released on the 3th of May, said lawyers for Bivol.

We can only conjecture now if the issue of the scandal with Galevi’s disappearing will be the same as Borilski’ murderers or it will begin to resemble like Taki’s vanishing as the skeptics say.


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