Bulgaria was swept away by floods and deluges, causing casualties, destruction, devastated regions and human lives. The majority of experts and public opinion are adamant that indiscriminate and illegal felling in the country in recent years is the basis of the apocalypse.

Bivol repeatedly investigated different patterns of crimes against the forest and the nature. Several consecutive publications will reveal for the readers the authentic confessions of employees in the system of forest management. Former employees of the specialized unit “Forest Guard” at the Executive Forestry Agency (EFA) spoke before our reporter. They are fighting for years against illegal felling, poaching, the forest mafia and corruption in the system of State Forestry. Usain Shakirov and Georgi Donchev openly tell their stories before Bivol, directly naming specific persons involved in the destruction of our green wealth and about how Bulgarian forests become prey for greedy senior officials. They talk about the pressure that is exerted on them to conceal crimes when they catch poachers who are close to people in power.

Listen HERE (in Bulgarian) to some of their genuine confessions of corruption in the forest system, of timber mafia and the need for lustration (limiting the participation of former communist officials and especially informants of the communist secret police in the civil service – editor’s note) – stories about the real culprits of the punishment that befell on Bulgaria.

A detailed publication about Bivol’s investigation will follow in coming days.


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