Author: Bivol; published October 5, 2014

Bivol is publishing a program that processes the election results according to the methodology of the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) exactly as it is done by the software used by the company “Information Services”. The company was selected by CEC for computer processing of election results in 2013 and 2014.

The offer of “Information Services” in 2013 was the only one and amounted to 1,687,896 levs with Value Added Tax (VAT).

A year ago, CEC refused to release the source code for that computer processing with the untenable and comical argument that someone could falsify the Elections. Bivol turned to expert mathematicians and programmers among Bulgarians abroad and they literally wrote this not very complicated program in the course of just few days.

Furthermore, the software demonstrates the bugs in the methodology that CEC adopted as it is mathematically unstained and allows tempering with election results at the level of personalization of parliamentary seats.

Simply put, if a “cooperative” and a “non-cooperative” candidate from a small party compete for a parliamentary seat, CEC may decide that the “cooperative” one will enter the Parliament, while the “non-cooperative”, even if he or she is the leader of the party, could remain outside it.

The latter is particularly important for the future configuration of the Parliament, where a likely difficult balance of power is projected and accommodating members of small parties will have a particularly high price.

CEC’s reason to classify the software’s code obviously lies in the unwillingness to make these bugs public. It is also clear that the cost of developing the software by “Information Services” is shockingly high for the input labor.

The authors of the program are Prof Lubomir Gavrilov from the Institute of Mathematics in Toulouse (mathematical analysis), Dr. Stefan Manov (concept and algorithm), and Delyan Delchev (programming)

Access to the program can be found here.



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