Husband of Bulgarian Foreign Minister Designed Outrageous ‘Landslide Retaining Wall’

The architectural studio A and A Architects of architect Angel Zahariev, the husband of Bulgarian Foreign Affairs Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva, is the chief designer of the scandalous building under construction on the Alepu beach, which authorities insist is a landslide retaining wall, but in fact, has all the features of a hotel.

The company Glavbolgarstroy, believed to be close to the government, is building the hotel. Architect Zahariev has had a long-term partnership with this company and Alepou is not their first joint project to incite public turmoil.
Two years ago, residents of Ovcha Kupel, a district in the Bulgarian capital Sofia, protested against the construction of a 19-story building. The investor in this apartment building was again Glavbolgarstroy, according to the project’s site – The project can be seen on the website of the A and A architectural studio –

Zahariev’s architectural studio has also designed the office tower and the giant apartment building, which the company Minstroy of businessman Nikolay Vulkanov’s and the company Arteks, a top protagonist in the #ApartmentGate scandal, plan to build next to a metro station in Sofia. This project can be seen on the website of A and A as well. Vulkanov is known for his connections with the former Multigroup conglomerate and for his warm relations with Ahmed Dogan, the Honorary Lifetime Chairman of the party largely representing Bulgarian Muslims, Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS) to whom the businessman gave a BGN 1 million-contract for hydrogeological consultations. Dogan is a philosophy major.

On the coast, A and A have designed the resort village “Akladi” near the Black Sea town of Sozopol.

The office of A and A Architects did not respond to Bivol’s inquiries for more detailed information about the project.

When asked whether Ekaterina Zaharieva was informed that her husband was the designer of the scandalous project in Alepu, the press office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent the following statement:

“Ms. Zaharieva’s work has nothing to do with her husband’s work and she has never used her official position in connection with his projects.”

However, the inexplicable blindness of the State Construction Control and of local authorities to the atrocities in Alepou leads to other conclusions, such as a cover-up for the investment intentions and their realization.

Bivol exposed as early as 2015 the people behind the plans to build on the iconic “Driver’s Beach” in the area of Alepu, and how the Municipality of Sozopol and then-Mayor by Panayot Reyzi have sold the land.

The company Alepu Village managed to acquire the land, contributed in kind by the municipality of Sozopol to a public-private company in 2005, after which it was ceded to private owners at the outrageously low price of BGN 40 per square meter. The company that received the land is controlled by the managers of PLASTIMO, closely associated with Freemason “Boss” and agent of the former Communist State Security (DS), Borislav Sarandev. The construction intentions were obvious even then. Alepu Village is a company with activities that include construction and operation of a resort with two-story villas, hotels and restaurants.”

In 2019, Alepu Village obtained construction rights for 26 apartments to be built by GBS-Tours, a subsidiary of Glavbolgarstroy, according to a reference in the Property Register.


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