The Registry Agency reacted Friday to the article with which Bivol alerted about the closure of the Property Registry with Government Decree № 230 and actually canceled this Decree.

As Bivol first wrote, surprisingly, & 39, item 2, article 51, paragraph 3 pops up in the published on August 1 in the State Gazette Government Decree from July 25, 2014. It states: “the Registry Agency does not provide uncertified copies of recorded documents.” This was established by the civil association SOPA – Association for Optimization of Administration and Justice, in which Bivol participates. SOPA is suing the Council of Ministers in the Supreme Administrative Court, asking for the annulment of the illegal government decree.

According to the announcement on the website of the Agency, it is now issuing verbal references and uncertified copies. This means that a notice has been sent to not comply with the text in the disputed Decree and to apply other bylaws.

It turns out that in its haste to lock away the registry, the government “Oresharsky” failed to revoke articles of the Tariff of State Taxes, collected by the Agency, according to which verbal references and uncertified copies are an option against a fee.

This trick, however, does not eliminate the need to resolve the conflict by emergency annulment of the contested text in Decree № 230 from July 25, 2014.

Meanwhile, in recent days, the effect of the Decree caused quite a headache for consumers.

“On top of it, a verbal order has been issued to employees to give copies only to the parties in the acts, although the ordinance says that copies can be given to assignees as well. Yesterday I was there; I was there again today … The wife of the owner under a deed was refused a copy because she is not a party in the act. They don’t even care about the fact that the deal took place during their marriage; her name is not listed in the document – end of story… They even summoned a judge to the records office and she confirmed that a copy should be denied…,” a reader of Bivol testifies about the absurd situation on Facebook.

Bivola will continue to ask WHO has proposed this text, when and for what purpose? On Thursday, we launched the hypothesis that this “criminally” introduced in the “twelfth hour” ban was designed specifically to impede tracking the cash flow from the currently very interesting bad loans of Corporate Commercial Bank (KTB) and the money of some prominent borrowers.


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