International Conference Urged UNESCO to Save Pirin from “Bankster’s” Clutches


Pirin is in great danger. Even international institutions are alerting about this now. It seems that the government of Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov is ready to serve the oligarchic interests of the owners of First Investment Bank (FIB), the Bank that became home of their corpulent hidden “partner” after the liquidation of Corporate Commercial Bank (CCB). There is a corruption partnership in Bulgartabac about which media and all politicians, without exception, remain silent!

Bivol’s investigations are clear and documented – the destroyers of the Pirin Mountain are not some obscure offshore companies, but directly and specifically FIB’s owners – Tseko Minev and Ivaylo Mutafchiev. They siphoned through dummy individuals the depositors’ money in the bank to finance their personal megalomaniac projects – projects at a loss that will be paid triple by the cheated depositors in the “bad apple”; by taxpayers who will ultimately cover the financial hole for billions and worst – by future generations for which our most valuable wildlife spots will be irretrievably lost.

Read and distribute the investigations Bivol in the draining of FIB and the exposed offshore ownership of its hollow assets.

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Participants in the international conference “World Heritage and Civil Society” in Bonn, Germany, adopted a resolution on the protection of Pirin National Park in Bulgaria, the coalition of NGOs and civic groups “For Nature in Bulgaria” reported.

The resolution is due to the apprehension over the already caused damage to the Pirin National Park, which is also a World Heritage site of UNESCO in Bulgaria, and because of the existing threat to the future of the protected area.

The conference participants noted with great concern that Bulgarian national institutions have allowed the National Park to be harmed by inappropriate construction developments in the Bansko ski zone, although the Park is under the legal protection of UNESCO, European and Bulgarian legislation and although the Bulgarian NGOs have informed the World Heritage Committee about the threat back in 2000 – 2001.

The Conference also noted that the new draft plan for the management of the National Park will allow the construction of 65% of the area of the World Natural Heritage sites in Pirin. Initially, it covered only 1% of the area.

The Conference warns that the project for changing the concession contract for the Bansko ski zone foresees 1,069.58 hectares of the site and its buffer zone to be provided for the concessionaire for the construction of ski equipment, instead of the current 99.55 hectares. This is an increase of over 1,000%.

In conclusion, the Conference urged the Bulgarian government to fulfill its international obligations seriously and implement the decisions of the World Heritage Committee to prevent further enlargement of the ski zone in Pirin National Park.

The Conference also calls on the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO to immediately include Pirin in the List of World Heritage in Danger and to urge the Bulgarian government to strictly implement the decisions of the Committee. It further asks more transparency and more effective consultation with NGOs.


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