New Construction Outrage Near Wild Bulgarian Beach

by Екип на Биволъ


A huge pit has emerged behind the Bulgarian Coral Beach in just few days and excavation works continue at the moment. This was established by Atanas Rusev from the Association “Save Coral” which alerted Thursday local authorities and the media. According to Rusev, over 2000 cubic meters of land have been excavated. Despite the alert and the report of the Bulgarian TV channel bTV, aired Friday morning, the institutions have not yet reacted.

“It is now 7:30 pm on May 8, 2014; they called me from the village; it is a small one; the excavator is currently digging behind Coral; the dirt is driven to a private site in the village of Lozenets, near the Central Beach, where it is used for a reverse embankment. The site is owned by the “Bulgarian Properties” company. Regardless of alerts sent to the police, the town hall in Lozenets, and the Tsarevo municipality, measures have not been undertaken; to the contrary – the lawlessness goes on!”, Rusev wrote in the blog “Save Coral”.

There is an illegal dump for construction debris on the site. The mayor of the village of Lozenets has issued a permit to clean the dump, but the scale of the dig clearly exceeds many times the quantity of soil in the landfill.

Construction of numerous beachfront hotels in Lozenets can be seen in the report of bTV. These sites have construction permits since 2008, and these permits have been revalidated in 2012. This clearly emphasizes the continuity in the manner of management of the municipality under the supposed archenemies – the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) and the Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria party (GERB). This is also evident from the attitude towards the controversial general territorial development plan of Tsarevo.

Such construction permits were issued in 2012 for the land behind the beach Coral. However, they proved to be illegal according to the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works and were given to the Prosecutor’s Office.



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