Irena Krasteva Tried a “Sting” in an Apartment Property Deal

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An unknown until now episode in the life of “Bulgarian Zuckerberg” Delyan Peevski and his mother Irena Krasteva popped from documents preserved in Court records.

In 2000, Krasteva signed a preliminary contract for the sale of a family apartment of 92 square meters in the Iztok quarter of Bulgaria’s capital Sofia for 70 000 levs. She received the entire amount from the buyer to finalize the sale. Instead, the seller suddenly transferred ownership of the apartment to her son Delyan Peevski.

The shocked buyer filed a complaint with Sofia City Court and sought a lien on the property because she has paid Krasteva in cash. The application, filed by lawyer, Ivaylo Danov, is the most detailed description of all events in the transfer of the apartment.

When approached for information on the development of this civil case, attorney Danov admitted there has been a similar case, but would not comment on details, citing client confidentiality. He still said that, as far as he remembered, his client was able to get her property back.

Bivol was able to get in touch over the phone with the buyer, Ana Vasilevska, who confirmed the statement in her Court claim. However, she categorically stated that she managed to get the apartment back thanks to Delyan Peevski who has shown “extreme understanding and humanity.”

According to Vasilevska, Irena Krasteva tried to” take advantage” of the situation, but Peevski, who was then only 20-years-old, has not allowed this to happen. Visibly nervous, the woman did not want to specify exactly how Irena Krasteva tried to “take advantage of the situation” with the apartment, which she simultaneously sold to a third party and donated to her son.

The documents reveal that Irena Krasteva’s son, Delyan Peevski, attended the signing of the preliminary contract in the office of notary Aneta Tomova, on August 11, 2000. He was also present when payments were made: 20 000 German marks before a notary on August 11, 2000, and 34 000 German marks on September 15, 2000, in a branch of Biohim bank.

The final payment was made by bank transfer on October 16, 2000, just before the meeting of the parties at the notary’s office to seal the deal. Irena Krasteva, however, failed to appear and later did not respond to the buyer’s attempts to establish contact, Vasilevska wrote in the Court claim.

She checked the registry and found out that on the very same day, Irena Krasteva and Delyan Peevski visited another notary, Krasimir Spassov, and made a transfer by gift of the property, which was already paid by someone else. Then Vasilevska filed a civil claim, which reads as follows: “I think this gift contract between Irena Angelova Krasteva and Delyan Slavchev Peevski was intended solely to harm my interests as a party in the preliminary agreement for the sale of the above apartment on August 11, 2000.” The contract, the receipt for 34 000 German marks, the receipt for 20 000 German marks and statements from Vasilevska bank account are attached as evidence for her claim.

After Vasilevska brought this action, in the words of the victim, a “miracle” happened. Peevski has exhibited unexpected humanity and has not allowed his mother to take advantage of the situation. He, as the beneficiary of the gift, transferred the apartment to Vasilevska and she withdrew the claim, which brought an end to this case.

The saga of the disputed property is confirmed by documents in the Registry Agency, received by Bivol.

On October 16, 2000, the endowment deed for Irena Krasteva’s property to Delyan Peevski has been registered.


Two weeks later, on November 1, 2000 Ana Vasilevska’s claim, in which she wrote that she was a victim of property fraud, was filed. The case N962/2000 was on the docket of Sofia City Court and was scheduled for March 29, 2001.

On December 7, 2000, Ana Vasilevska withdrew her claim with a notarized document.

On the same date, December 7, 2000, Delyan Peevski showed “striking understanding and humanity” and transferred the disputed apartment to Ana Vasilevska. Material interest was not listed, but the transaction was recorded as a sale of real estate.


It is curious that the Registry Agency needed nine full years to note the withdrawal of Vasilevksa’s Court claim, which was listed at the end of 2009.

Meanwhile, Irena Krasteva became the boss of the State lottery, and then grew to media mogul. The son, Delyan Peevski, rapidly rose from the college bench to head of state enterprises, Deputy Minister, investigator and lawmaker. Peevski was even chief of the mega structure, the State Agency for National Security, DANS, for one day, prompting mass protests in the country. Sergey Stanishev grounded Peevski’s appointment on claims he had “experienced a catharsis.”


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