Lawyer Has Access to Information from National Security Agency: They Are Probing “Petya”; There Are 20 Judges in “Worms” Case

#YanevaGate, Season 3, Episode 9: Call from journalist times the conversation to the minute
Екип на Биволъ

A phone call from late journalist Dimitar Tsonev to Vladimira Yaneva while she spoke with Rumyana Chenalova and attorney Momchil Mondeshki provides an accurate date and time of the conversation – February, 19, 2015 at 4 pm. Dimitar Tsonev invites Yaneva to participate in his political talk show on the national television, BNT, which aired daily at 6:30 pm. Yaneva declines the invitation, offers her perspective on the scandal “Worms” and says she would resign if she is not suspended by the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC), which was meeting at that exact moment. The meeting ended at 5 pm with the decision to suspend her from the post of President of the Sofia City Court (SCC).

“Journalists have been driving me crazy since the morning; I feel like I’m Osama bin Laden, the most wanted person in the country,” Yaneva jokes with her colleagues after the call.

“I cannot believe this is happening,” Mondeshki replies and then explains that he has obtained sensitive information from some obscure source:

Mondeshki: DANS (State Agency for National Security – editor’s note) started probing Petya today.  

Yaneva: For what?

Mondeshki: I was going there; they were just going to tell me. DANS launched a probe against Petya; Borislav Sarafov is preparing a report for Friday on operation “Worms” to be released in Brussels on Monday. It is frightening. Some 20 judges; judges were increased from eight to 20…

Mondeshki does not finish his thought because Yaneva shifts the topic of the conversation to her suspension by the SJC of which Joro had informed her on the phone (the President of the Supreme Administrative Court, SAC, Georgi Kolev – editor’s note).  We have previously published part of the recording with infamous remarks such as “Tsetso had pressured him tremendously” (Tsetso – Tsvetan Tsvetanov – former Interior Minister and leading figure in the ruling Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria party, GERB – editor’s note); “Boyko (presumably Prime Minister, Boyko Borisov – editor’s note) pressured the Prosecutor General. He literally drove him crazy” and the promise of the Prosecutor General to do whatever he can to soften the blow against judge.

“Petya” is probably the head of the criminal division in the SCC, Petya Kruncheva, who is also Deputy President of the Court. An investigation of Bivol has proven mathematically that Kruncheva has not at all randomly allocated cases to the same jury members. This evidence was confirmed through a SJC probe. On April 9, 2015, the SJC started disciplinary proceedings against Kruncheva, and she resigned in July last year.

The remark about the “20 judges” remains a mystery; obviously, they are connected in some way with operation “Worms”. It is possible that they have been wiretapped. The site ClubZ, however, presents another plausible hypothesis – that 20 is the new and increased number of judges that could be assigned randomly to try the case “Worms” which, of course, automatically reduces the chances that it could be given to a person close to the participants in the conversation.

In the sequel, Mondeshki brings up again the probe against “Petya”:

Mondeshki: I say it is better to have Petya do this thing, now, after I realized that she is probed (not audible).

Yaneva: Well, so what if she is probed, nothing might happen.

Chenalova: She is probed for what? Me? I guess, I have been probed for the longest time.

Mondeshki: No, they told me now the hottest news and most of it is about Borislav Sarafov (Deputy Prosecutor General – editor’s note)…

The well-informed lawyer apparently has sources that give him classified information. It is not difficult to verify whether a probe was launched against Petya Kruncheva on February 19, 2015 and how the content of the report “Worms”, which was sent to Brussels, has changed. But so far, the prosecution has not shown any interest in the content of the conversations, which among other things, include leaking a state secret.

Listen to the recording here (in Bulgarian):




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