What enemy of Bulgaria’s backstage rule among the judiciary should be “spanked” or “beaten with a stick” and who is “untouchable” is the topic of another conversation from the saga Yaneva Gate. More specifically, the participants discuss the then-Minister of Justice Hristo Ivanov and the member of the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) Galya Georgieva.

Minister Ivanov was particularly active in initiating disciplinary cases against “bad apples” judges and did not allow the concealing of the tipoffs against them. At the time the conversation took place, Chenalova was recently removed from her post – in January 2015. She sees the Minister as “very detrimental” and predicts that “he will be beaten with a stick”. Attorney Mondeshk is even more direct and confirms that “he will be beaten up, yep”.

The conversation then shifts to “Galya”. This is Galya Georgieva, who is a member of the SJC and Chair of its Disciplinary Committee that suspended Chenalova. Galya Georgieva was also conducting the probe in the Sofia City Court (SCC), launched after the scandal with the “bad apples” – an issue raised by the-then French ambassador. That is why Georgieva regularly visited the SCC at the time.

Mondeshki voices the opinion that Galya also deserves a spanking, but Yaneva opposes: “No, do not touch Galya, we have reached an agreement, her and I”.

It is not clear how exactly Mondeshki can harm Galya, but apparently this is within his powers, according to Yaneva. In a television interview, Rumyana Chenalova has explained that lawyer Mondeshki is particularly close with controversial and powerful lawmaker and media mogul, Deliyan Peevski.

What was said in this conversation, did happen later, subsequent events have shown. The prosecution launched a probe against Hristo Ivanov on a tipoff by the dependent of Peevski newspaper Trud (Labor) on whose pages the Minister was regularly “beaten with a stick”.

Galya Georgieva, who according to Chenalova was “devious” and wrote “abominable” reports, joined the ranks of the prosecutor’s majority in the SJC and is now defending the status quo.

It is not a precedent in Bulgaria to have magistrates acting as mafia bosses. Bivol also has bitter experience with such practice, impossible in normal democracies. A few years ago, the Director of the site, Asen Yordanov, was tracked down by an organized criminal group with the aim of having him murdered. The police investigation revealed that the order came from an acting senior prosecutor. That prosecutor is still in office, as the subsequent proposal for his suspension was rejected by the majority in the SJC.

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