Bivol begins today, Tuesday, July 15, a new column: “Thoughts with Horns”. We will not publish investigations or detailed analysis here, but just our “trivial”, every day thoughts and reflections which we share on our Facebook page and which get a far-reaching response.

The truth is so clear that it can blind us when we see it. Peevski monopolized the country with money loaned from Corporate Commercial Bank (KTB). At one point, the Bank’s boss, Tsvetan Vasilev dared to ask this money back, pressured by external factors. Controversial media mogul and lawmaker, Delyan Peevski, and his cohort decided that they will not repay anything, and fulfilled their threat to demolish the Bank, and if an opportunity would arise, the Currency Board as well. Vasilev was channeling the money, but Peevski has the political power and is sponsored by the backstage players, who rule the State and appoint all institutions. The same people who created Peevski made Ivan Iskrov Governor of the Central Bank. Those two are in the same boat (a yacht actually). We can search for the roots of all this in the party of former King and Prime Minister Simeon Saxe-Goburg – National Movement for Stability and Prosperity (NMSP). The truth is buried there; all people in this game were appointed by certain former senior executives of the Communist State Security (DS). Iskrov was even Deputy Chairman of NMSP. Leading factors from this party, associated with the Communist secret services, spread throughout the political spectrum, currently strongly pulling the strings of the centrist Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria party (GERB) and the right-wing Reformist Block. Search fpr Simeon’s past as DS agent and for the missing file of Agent Rumyantsev! We can use as milestones for getting orientated in the situation the deal with foreign debt and the cession of our state claims in the Middle East, where the son of a top DS collaborator, Milen Velchev, (Minister of Finance in the NMSP cabinet) ceded “our companies” for pocket change. What happened to that money amounting to about $ 4 billion? Isn’t now the same Velchev representative of the bank of Russian KGB – VTB – in our country? He is the only co-owner in KTB, in addition to Tsvetan Vasilev. VTB is strangely silent amid the roar of the individual with the mustache (Vasilev)… Well, the top question is WHO will emerge as the winner in the “Conflict Vasilev – Peevski”? If you follow the same thin red line in the behavior and the actions of all political and other influential puppets, you will find the hidden until now logic of past events and of the future ones to come.


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