Bivol with Evidence against Pavel Marinov’s Lies on Live TV


Pavel Marinov (center) accompanies Sergey Stanishev and Plamen Oresharski during a visit to Burgas, photo Pavel Marinov, personal blog.

On the political TV talk show “Face to Face” on April 16, the Regional Governor of Burgas, Pavel Marinov, commented on information, disclosed by Bivol, about his offshore companies and his partnership with a senior Russian military expert.

“There is not even a grain of truth in these claims,” Pavel Marinov stated on live TV.

He accused Bivol of serving “corporate interests” with its publications about his companies and partnerships. As proof, Marinov quoted the online publication from September 4, which was actually published in other media on September 3 (e.g. E-Burgas, which is known to be owned by the wife of the municipal leader of the Bulgarian Socialist Party, BSP, Evgeniy Mosinov). This information about reports of corruption, however, does not refer to specific data for offshore companies and Marinov’s relationship with the chief designer of the Russian “Space Wars” Sergei Boev, which has been published after September 3. Bivol plans to sue Marinov for undermining the prestige of the publication with this gibberish on air.

“I am not in partnership with Sergei Boev. I have no offshore company that I have to declare,” Marinov further stated. His explanation was that he left the company as soon as the Russian company, whose Board of Directors includes Sergei Boev, has invested in it.

Documents uncovered by Bivol, however, indicate otherwise.

Pavel Marinov was on the Board of Directors of the Russian corporation “Alamak Inter” as representative of “Interlog” Ltd. for full 5 years – from 2008 to 2013.


“Interlog – USA,” represented by Pavel Marinov, remained on the Board of Directors of “Alamak Inter” at least until June 14 2013, a document from the Trade Registry reveals.

Yevgeny Mikhailov is a member of the Board of Directors of Borisoglebskiy and Moromskiy Instrument Manufacturing Plants. These plants have a strategic importance for Russia’s Development Strategy for the electronics industry, which is closely linked to the global military doctrine of that State. Sergei Boev is Chief Executive of the military “Space Wars” project of the Russian Federation. This distinguished company is completed by the Head of the Board of Directors of one of the largest Russian banks, “Investorgbank”. The bank was one of the main financial creditors of the Russian government in the period 2008-2010.

The phantom offshore business

Marinov lied about his participation in an offshore company, which he had not declared either as member or as regional governor. This is the British company “Interlog Balkani” (Interlog Balkans). Bivol’s investigation showed that the company was deleted from the Trade Registry in the UK in 2010.

Marinov, himself, acknowledged the fact of deletion and thus self-exposed in a crime because he has not declared a write-off of the company before the Bulgarian authorities. Moreover, he continued to sign documents on behalf of this company until 2013. Currently, 25% of the shares of the plant “ZTV” are actually the property of this phantom company that disappeared from the legal world three years ago.

In the summer of 2013, on behalf of the defunct company, Pavel Marinov tried to appoint as proxy his closest business partner, attorney Leonid Shopov, former head of the Office of Trade and Economic Affairs at the Bulgarian Embassy in Moscow. Bivol will further publish data of Shopov’s diversified business activities in Bulgaria.


Plamen Oresharski Assumed Full Responsibility for the Appointments of All Regional Governors


From the weekly political talk show “Panorama” of Bulgaria’s National Television (public TV), BNT, Friday, September 13, 2013.

Plamen Oresharski (PO): I assume personal responsibility for all regional governor appointments.

Host: Categorically, are you going to assume responsibility for every appointment made by the Cabinet?

PO: I already bear this responsibility.

Host: Including for regional governors, their deputies, on all levels?

PO: Yes, including regional governors. I have underscored it and I underscore it now that particularly regarding regional governors, I sought nominations from both parties that support the Cabinet. I think this is a sensible approach.

Host: What responsibility are you assuming now – your own or somebody else’s?

PO: My own, I just asked them for nominations.

After the Prime Minister’s firm statement that he assumes full responsibility for the appointments of all regional governors and their deputies, Bivol is beginning to publish data, facts, and documents exposing heads of Regional Administrations in breaches of the law, and exposing their conflicts of interests and connections.

Marinov’s signatures under documents of the vanished company are de facto document crime, but so far there is no comment on these findings neither from the prosecution or the Oresharski government.

De jure and now, Marinov is still a representative of the company and by law has no right to be regional governor. This fact is also neglected by the Prime Minister, who under Article 19a, paragraph 3 of the Administration Act, should immediately dismiss Pavel Marinov.

Bivol summed up all facts about Pavel Marinov’s violations in a claim to the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office of Cassations (Ref. № 13990/2013g), with a copy to the Parliamentary Committee on Fight against Corruption and Conflict of Interests (3194 -A- 75 from September 25, 2013). So far there has been no response from these two institutions.

REPORT: Regarding incompatibility with the term in office of Mr. Pavel Marinov, Regional Governor of Burgas and document crimes committed by him

Dear Prosecutors,

A journalistic investigation of Bivol established that the Regional Governor of Burgas, Pavel Marinov, has not declared facts and circumstances that appear incompatible with the position occupied by him, according to Article 19 paragraph 6 § 2 of the Administration Act. In addition, he has committed document crimes.

1. Circumstances incompatible with the post of regional governor

It was established through a document from the Trade Registry that by June 14, 2013, Pavel Marinov was still an authorized representative of the American company Interlog LLC and manager of the company Interlog Balkani, registered in the UK.

According to the Act for Preventing and Establishing Conflict of Interests, article 13 paragraph 2, within one month of the declaration under article 12, item 1, Mr. Marinov was required to take action to remedy the incompatibility. So far, there is no evidence in the Trade Registry that Mr. Marinov has taken any action to terminate his relationship with the two companies.

As his excuse, Mr. Marinov highlights the fact that both companies were deregistered in the U.S. and the UK in 2010, and therefore are not subject to declaration.

The fact of the deregistration of these companies has not been declared within the statutory period established by the Bulgarian Trade Registry. Formally, according to Bulgarian legislation, Mr. Marinov is currently still a proxy of Interlog LLC (USA) and manager of Interlog Balkani LLP (UK). Consequently, pursuant to article 19a, paragraph 3, legal relationships with him should be terminated by the Prime Minister, which has not been done as of the moment.

2. Document crimes

It was established that from 2010 to 2013, Mr. Pavel Marinov has signed documents on behalf of the company Interlog Balkani LLP, which are listed in the Trade Registry as proof of his power of attorney.


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