Bivol’s editorial office received an email from Anri Kovachev in relation to our publication “Bulgarian Retiree Detained with Cocaine in Switzerland”. We publish it without any changes, spelling corrections and edits after we made sure that it has been written by the same person referred to in our article:

I am writing to you in relation to your publication:

In this, not even normally outlined and organized thing, called a publication, you are defaming me without having even checked whether the things you have written contain a drop of truth.

I wish, as I have the right to reply, to take advantage of this legal right before I sue you and the person who speaks for defamation. The only truth is that Tsvetanka, under the instructions of her grandson, a repeat offender and a drug addict living in Greece, has filed a complaint against me in the Vratsa police precinct. From there on, everything is a Pigwash (misspelled – editor’s note) thrown at my good name. I have never been convicted; I am a college graduate from a well-respected doctor’s family. Because our town is small and I know all the people, it is not strange for me to eat and drink at restaurants and bars with different people from all levels of society for which neither they nor I have any guilt. There is another truth, I was, indeed, authorized by an American property buyer a few years ago to be their proxy. Personally, I have been dealing with real estate for 13 years and I have not had a bad or spoiled deal so far. All things connected to this woman’s activities are incomprehensible to me, because I do not know these people well, for me they were a bad tenant. How can I abuse their trust after having a contract with rental receipts for the deal? I even have complaints against them in court and the prosecution! So, a family living in Greece sees a chance to earn lots of money, the grandmother is misled by her grandson, she sells her property because her criminal grandson told her the great deal however they need money. They sold their property to buy drugs for over one million selling price. If these drugs are for the Bulgarian market, would she go back to ThessOloniki?


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