Russian Police Chief Sacked Because of Undeclared Properties in Bulgaria

The US-sanctioned general from the Russian police bought apartments in Bulgaria’s Byala in 2006 and 2011 and sold them in 2017
Екип на Биволъ

Police Major-General Timur Valiulin, Chief of the General Administration for Combating Extremism of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, suddenly resigned Tuesday, December 11, Russian media report. According to and Kommersant, this happened because Valliulin had failed to declare the sale of property in Bulgaria.

The report against Valliulin had been submitted by his own wife with whom he is in divorce proceedings, according to Russian media. The estranged wife is also a police officer – a colonel.

A joint investigation by Bivol and the Russian branch of Transparency International was able to establish that the transaction in question has not been a sale but rather an undeclared property acquisition.

Timur Valliulin had bought in 2006 and 2011 two apartments in the Black Sea resort town of Byala in the Varna Region. In 2017, he sold them to a private person for BGN 361,901.

In 2006, Valliulin acquired an apartment of 107 square meters for BGN 249,245

In 2011, he acquired another apartment for BGN 112,655

Valiulin sold the apartments in 2017 with a good profit

However, there is no indication of the sale of these apartments in Valiulin’s entries in the Bulgarian registries. The document for the sale can be found in the Property Register only through its entries in the Cadastre, but not by searching by personal name.

there is no indication in the Property Register under Valiulin’s name that the property had been sold

At the same time, there are no records of either of the properties in the mandatory for Russian officials property declarations.

A search in the Cadastre by the cadastral number of the property locates the apartment building. Timur Valliulin’s apartments are on the third and fourth floor (in the red box on the picture).

Russian Police Chief Sacked Because of Undeclared Properties in BulgariaRussian Police Chief Sacked Because of Undeclared Properties in BulgariaRussian Police Chief Sacked Because of Undeclared Properties in Bulgaria

Timur Valliulin made headlines and “rose to fame” over his initiatives to punish teachers whose students are staging protest rallies against the government, as well as actions to ban concerts of rappers popular among young people. In April 2018, Timur Valliulin was included in the US sanctions list.

Bivol maintains a specialized database for the property acquisitions of foreigners in Bulgaria and often partners with foreign media, mostly from the former USSR countries, which are investigating politicians and bureaucrats for undeclared properties. The exposed include political figures from Lithuania, Armenia, Russia, and Ukraine.


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