A troll site, registered by Emil Drindolov, a former employee of the newspaper Klasa (Class) and a member of the National Council of the pro-Russians, has published another portion of anonymous slander against Bivol.

According to the unsigned article, Bivol was publishing investigative stories on banks to racketeer them, while at the same time our site had an account in the “bad apple” “Investbank”. It is also claimed that Bivol’s partnership with Wikileaks has been terminated.

The “evidence”, used to ground this lampoon, is receipts from State taxes, paid at a teller counter in “Investbank”, and presented as accounts of Bivol and its owners in this bank.

No, Bivol does not have accounts in “Investbank”. Nobody connected with Bivol has accounts in “Investbank”. It is one of the banks that signed a letter to the central bank (Bulgarian National Bank, BNB), which asks it to punish our website for “bank blasphemy”.

The fact is that an employee of the site has paid the fees for filing documents in the Trade Registry at a teller counter in “Investbank” because it was the most convenient location for them. This is a serious offense and we will punish this person by making them read aloud three times the diplomatic cable written by former US Ambassador in Sofia, John Beyrle, in 2006 on banks “bad apples”. First in English here:


and then in Bulgarian here, from Bivol’s publication


It is important to know that the “bad apples” were described with the use of information from the then-Head of Bulgarian Financial Intelligence Vasil Kirov. To date, from the eight banks cited by John Beyrle, only four remain under the control of the same majority owners: First Investment Bank (FIB), Investbank, Central Cooperative Bank (CCB) and International Asset Bank.

No, our partnership with Wikileaks is not terminated, to the contrary, we maintain excellent relations with the site of Julian Assange and we continue to explore together with Wikileaks each specific leak that mentions Bulgaria.

Emil Drindolov was accused by journalists from the newspaper Class of usurping the domain klassa.bg. Now, he openly advertises himself as part of Putin’s fifth column in the country and is mobilized as a resource in the information war. However, he does not decline money from local well-dressed, white collar businessmen- hitmen.

You can boldly classify his pseudo-news site – newsmaker.bg – as a custom media gossip cesspool like TIM’s afera.bg and a bunch of anonymous websites spreading “talking points” against Bivol and casting outright dirty lies, manipulation and slander.

The intensity of these cesspools grows in proportion to the panic caused by our investigations at the offices of the local “banksters” (see here, here, here, and here). And this is a surefire sign that they are really petrified and that the fall off of “the bad apples” from the branches will continue.



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