Late Tuesday night, Wikileaks published nearly 300,000 emails from 762 mailboxes of the Turkish ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP). Bivol found in them candid comments about Ahmed Dogan, the Lifetime Honorary Chairman of the party largely representing Bulgarian Muslims – Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS), denounced as an agent of the communist State Security (secret services) and about ousted DPS leader and now Dogan’s archenemy Lyutvi Mestan, whose new party is labeled a new “branch of AKP”.

Much of the mails are similar to the “talking points” of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), discovered two years ago by Bivol – a compilation of media reports and guidelines to Party activists what to read and what to say.

Messages from the closed discussion group named “Hand in Hand for Turkey” have been often posted by AKP members.

On February 10, the newspaper Yeni Akit published an article written by Ayhan Demir, where Dogan’s career as a longtime agent of the Bulgarian communist secret services is examined in detail. It is emphasized that he was not some random informant, but was ideologically committed and the regime assigned key missions to him. In conclusion, there is wish for Lyutvi Mestan’s party to become the sole representative of Turkish interests in Bulgaria.

On February 11, the article has been disseminated to AKP functionaries by the party administrator.

These publications coincided with information that Ahmed Dogan and controversial DPS lawmaker and media mogul, Delyan Peevski, were banned from visiting Turkey. The name of Delian Peevski is not found in the data published so far by Wikileaks (the letters A through I).

Two weeks later, on February 23, a publication in the not too popular edition İLK KURŞUN (literally “First Bullet”) openly designates Mestan as an AKP clone, controlled by the diplomatic missions of Turkey in Bulgaria.

The next day the article was immediately communicated to Party activists.

This sequence of “talking points” confirms that Dogan’s record as a communist agent is one of the main reasons to be shunned by his Turkish donors, who redirected their attention to the new “clone of AKP” – Lyutvi Mestan.

It is a fact that this information was brought to the attention of party activists some time after the actual “divorce” between Dogan and Mestan, but their presence in the internal correspondence of AKP is further evidence of the repositioning of Erdogan’s regime towards its puppets in Bulgaria.



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