WHO Set the Forest above Bulgarian Beach on Fire?

Екип на Биволъ

In the night of August 29, a fire broke out in the woods over Alepu. An amateur video and photographs of Russian tourists show that the forest was burning simultaneously in two places, which raises suspicions of criminal arson.

“It is burning for over an hour and the firefighters are not coming,” says the Russian tourist who taped the video.

Fortunately, the firefighters arrived and managed to tame the disaster and avoid the destruction of the forest which slopes to the shore.

The coast of Alepu, south of the town of Sozopol, is in the focus of construction interest on the part of companies such as Glav Bulgar Story (GBS), Alepu Village and others, as an earlier investigation of Bivol revealed.

The holiday village “St Thomas “of GBS is located next to the burning forest. The company wants to expand the village by building-up the current parking lot and building a new parking lot where the forest that was set on fire on August 29 is located now. Flyers of GBS announce the beginning of construction works in October this year The company did not respond to inquiries of Bivol whether they have construction permits. The Sozopol Municipality did not answer the questions sent by email.

Реклама на ГБС за разширяването на комплекса св. Тома. Строежът трябва да започне на 1 октомври.

Advertisement of GBS for the expansion of the holiday village “St Thomas”. Construction works must begin on October 1. 

Alepu made headlines in the media this past summer over the attempt of the Mayor of the town of Sozopol, Panayot Reyzi, to close the road along the so-called “Drivers’Beach”.  The barriers were removed by citizens who organized protests if front of the Town Hall against construction on one of the last pristine places in the region.

A publication of Bivol also revealed that under the pretext to strengthen the landslide along the road, the terrain near the beach has been terraced and prepared for construction. The waterfront lands, which are now owned by offshore companies, belonged to the Sozopol Municipality and it sold them at a low price because according to Mayor Reyzi they have been “worn-out”.



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